Bloons Tower Defense 6 heroes tier list: Best heroes in 2023

Best heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6Ninja Kiwi

In Bloons Tower Defense 6, the heroes you use can significantly affect the results of your fights. To always have the best heroes on you, check out this Bloons Tower Defense 6 tier list where we have ranked the best heroes.

Developed by Ninja Kiwi, Bloons Tower Defense is a well-known game series that began in 2007. It has grown with many games but Bloons TD 6 is one of the popular ones.

Tower defense games are loved for their mix of fast action and endless strategy options and are enjoyed by millions of Roblox players through games like SCP Tower Defense, Tower Blitz, and Tower Defenders.

In Bloons Tower Defense 6, you have various heroes to choose from. Each hero has 20 unique upgrades and 2 special powers. To help you pick the best hero for different situations like leveling up, expert maps, and more, we’ve made a tier list, ranking the heroes you should use in Bloons Tower Defense 6 in 2023.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 gameplayNinja Kiwi
There is no objective way to win a Bloons TD 6 game.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 heroes tier list

We’ve placed the heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6 in tiers ranging from S to D. S is the strongest tier while D is for the weakest characters.

TierBloons Tower Defense 6 character
SGeraldo, Adora, Sauda, Psi
AObyn Greenfoot, Benjamin
BGwendolin, Pat Fusty
CCaptain Churchill, Admiral Brickell, Striker Jones, Etienne
DEzili, Quincy

Best heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Let’s talk about some of the best heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6 that have made it to the S and A tiers in the list above:

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Only one hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6 can brag about having no shortcomings and he is Geraldo. He is strong against bosses and is relevant in all game modes. You can replace any hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6 with Geraldo because of his flexible playstyle but none of the heroes can replace him.


A downside with Adora is her slow leveling but apart from that, you can wreak havoc with her in Bloons Tower Defense 6. Her combination with Ninja and Alchemist is literally broken, and she is easily the strongest free-to-play hero in the game.


Sauda could have been the best hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6 if it wasn’t for her low range. Having said that, you can compensate for it through Villages and Alchemy buffs.

As for her pros, Sauda has brilliant attack speed and can detect camos. Her pierce damage is also high and you get all these benefits at a very affordable price.

Benjamin and Sauda, two of the best heroes in Bloons TD 6Ninja Kiwi
Heroes in Bloons TD6 serve different roles like damage dealer and support.


From crowd control to the ability to destroy upcoming Bloons, Psi has everything you’d want from a mid-game/late-game hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6. The character performs best in Advanced and Expert maps as they can strike down Camo balloons and has infinite range.

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You can literally become unstoppable by upgrading Psi’s Psionic Scream ability and they are one of the most rewarding characters in the game.

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