Arena Breakout Infinite: All bosses & where to find them

Franco Diaz
Arena Breakout: Infinite character

In Arena Breakout: Infinite, each map features different bosses with unique qualities. Check out where to find all the bosses in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Arena Breakout: Infinite started its closed beta period on May 8. MoreFun‘s new shooter features gameplay similar to Escape from Tarkov or Gray Zone Warfare, with plenty of loot to find, points of interest to explore, and bosses to defeat.

On that note, check out all the bosses you can find in the Arena Breakout: Infinite closed beta.

All Arena Breakout: Infinite bosses & locations

The closed beta of Arena Breakout: Infinite features two maps so far, which means there are only two bosses available at the moment: Ajax and Doss.


Ajax Jones is the boss you’ll encounter in Farm, though his location may vary in each raid. You can find him and his five bodyguards in the Motel, Stables, or Loading Area.

Identifying Ajax is relatively easy as he wears a red beret and doesn’t use a helmet. With decent aim, eliminating him should not pose a problem as a clean headshot will do the trick. But you must be quick because he’ll throw smoke grenades and you’ll become the prey if you take too long.

Ajax locations in Farm map Arena Breakout: Infinite
Ajax’s isn’t difficult to spot in Arena Breakout: Infinite if you know where to look.


Doss Anthony can be found in the Valley area, more specifically in his house located in Seaside Villa. This boss carries his MP5 and golden sunglasses and is well-protected by ten guards.

If he senses any danger, he will order his guards to attack, so if you decide to go after him, it’s best to finish the fight quickly before he can call for support.

Doss location in Valley map Arena Breakout: Infinite
Doss is located in the Valley area in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

That’s everything you need to know about Arena Breakout: Infinite bosses and their locations. We’ll make sure to update this page once MoreFun release new maps in the game.

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