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Arena Breakout: Infinite has a very complex Health System that you need to learn about if you want to survive. Here’s all you should know about how to heal injuries, how to treat wounds and other conditions.

The Health System in Arena Breakout: Infinite is quite a complex part of the game since even minor wounds can be lethal if you don’t know how to treat them properly. Even with full armor equipped, players are exposed to a lot of debuffs, so knowing how to deal with them is essential.

So, here’s all you need to know about Arena Breakout: Infinite’s Health System, including types of injuries, status effects, and how to treat them.


How does the Health System work in Arena Breakout: Infinite

In Arena Breakout: Infinite, the Health System shows how much damage you can take before you are incapacitated. Counting all the body parts, players have a total of 440 health points. If they lose them all, they’ll die.

An incapacitation occurs when the player takes too much damage to the limbs or body, and cannot move. The player will then fall prone and can drag himself away or be dragged out of danger by a teammate. This will also begin a countdown before the player loses consciousness or dies.

Arena Breakout: Infinite downed enemy
If you accumulate too many injuries, you’ll die. Always carry a Medkit to prevent being incapacitated.

To prevent this, other players will have to heal you with healing items such as Surgical Kits, Medpacks, and Bandages.

If you are going solo, incapacitation means a direct elimination. Keep in mind that Arena Breakout: Infinite is a team game, so you’ll have better chances at survival if you stick together with your team.

What are debuffs in Arena Breakout: Infinite?

In Arena Breakout: Infinite, each part of the body has its own health bar. When depleted, the limb/body part breaks and this causes several status effects/debuffs that need to be healed using specific meds.

Here’s a list of all body parts and debuffs that can affect them:

  • Head: Injury – Wound – Tinnitus
  • Upper Abdomen: Injury- Wounds (Minor, Moderate, Severe) – Lung Injury
  • Right Arm: Injury – Wounds (Minor, Moderate, Severe), Broken
  • Left Arm: Injury – Wounds (Minor, Moderate, Severe), Broken
  • Lower Abdomen: Injury – Concussion – Wounds (Minor, Moderate, Severe)
  • Right Leg: Injury – Wounds (Minor, Moderate, Severe), Broken
  • Left Leg: Injury – Wounds (Minor, Moderate, Severe), Broken
Arena Breakout: Infinite health system
Each body part has its own health bar, when all of them are depleted, you die.

There are also other minor debuffs/status effects that can affect the player:

  • Injury: Any damage taken causes an injury.
  • Pain: caused by every wound, or the “broken” condition.
  • Dehydration: Loss of water under the 5/100 threshold, the player will start to lose health.
  • Hunger: Loss of energy under the 5/100 threshold, the player will start to lose health.
  • Critical Overload: Carrying too much weight, the player can’t run, or move.
  • Sound Blocking: Caused by Tinnitus. The player cannot hear.
  • Exhausted: Lower Body Stamina depletion, the player can’t run, jump, or climb.

There are also “Critical Wounds” that cannot be healed. Bullets penetrating the armor and hitting vulnerable parts like the brain are considered Critical Wounds. A shot to the face or heart instantly kills the player, so keep that in mind.

How to heal in Arena Breakout: Infinite

To heal in Arena Breakout: Infinite, players need to use health items such as Surgical Kits, Bandages, and Health Kits. But not every health item can fix all your problems, so here’s every kind of ailment that you’ll see in the game and how to heal it:

  • Injury: Any damage to a limb can be healed with Bandages/Medkits.
  • Pain: Caused by wounds/injury, can be healed using Painkillers.
  • Wounds: Causes you to lose health progressively, use Bandages to heal.
  • Broken Limb: Prevents you from healing the affected limb, need a Surgical Kit to heal. Then apply Medkits to heal them back.
  • Lung Injuries: Prevent you from regaining stamina, use a Nebulizer to heal.
  • Tinnitus: Impairs hearing. Heals over time.
  • Hunger: Eating food items.
  • Dehydration: Drinking liquid items.

Keep in mind that all health items have charges, so carry plenty of them before going into a raid, or you’ll be dead with the slightest wound if you cannot heal properly.

It is also important to mention that most healing items cause Hydration to drop down drastically, for example, Painkillers. So, you’ll have to keep a constant supply of water as you play to prevent Dehydration.

And that’s all you need to know about Arena Breakout: Infinite’s health system. For more guides and tips on the game, check the following links:

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