Will Arena Breakout: Infinite be free-to-play?

Franco Diaz
Arena Breakout: Infinite character

Many players are wondering if Arena Breakout: Infinite will be available as a free download. Take a look below and find out if Arena Breakout: Infinite will be free-to-play.

The closed beta of Arena Breakout: Infinite is in full swing. However, not all fans have their access key and will have to wait for the full release to play the new shooter from MoreFun. This has led the community to wonder if they will be able to play Arena Breakout: Infinite for free.

Find out if the new Arena Breakout title is free-to-play.

Will you be able to play Arena Breakout: Infinite for free?

Yes, Arena Breakout: Infinite will be free-to-play, according to the official game website. While there is no official release date yet, fans should know that they will be able to download Arena Breakout: Infinite without paying a single dollar.

arena breakout infinite player walking towards building with other players
Arena Breakout: Infinite Closed Beta features only two maps.

Arena Breakout: Infinite offers gameplay similar to Escape from Tarkov or Gray Zone Warfare, where players are dropped into different maps and must loot, face enemies and other players, and finally extract all the loot or risk losing it in the attempt.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about the free-to-play status of Arena Breakout: Infinite.

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