How to level up fast in Arena Breakout: Infinite

Franco Diaz
Arena Brekout: Infinite characters

If you’re just starting out in an extraction shooter like Arena Breakout: Infinite, you’ll soon notice that leveling up can be slow going. So, here’s how to earn XP and level up quickly.

Players in Arena Breakout: Infinite have multiple ways to earn experience during the closed beta period. However, some methods will help you level up faster than others. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to farm XP in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

So, check out how to level up fast in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Arena Breakout: Infinite – How to rank up fast

Every action you take in Arena Breakout: Infinite earns you experience points to level up. However, some actions, such as looting and exploring locations, yield less experience than others. Check out the best ways to level up quickly in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Complete Quests

Arena Breakout: Infinite quests tab
You can complete weekly and faction quests in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Completing quests is the fastest way to level up in Arena Breakout: Infinite. The amount of experience varies depending on the mission, but no other method will reward you with as much experience as completing Main, Weekly, or Faction quests.

Arena Breakout: Infinite has a lot of quests to solve, and each one unlocks as you complete the previous ones. This means that not only will you earn experience and loot by completing quests, but you’ll also unlock more quests in the process.

Secure Kills

Arena Brekout: Infinite player killing a bot

Getting kills is another effective way to earn a lot of experience in Arena Breakout: Infinite. Memorizing the bot spawns on each map is crucial for securing kills and not being caught off guard.

It’s worth noting that eliminating other players or the map bosses in Arena Breakout: Infinite will yield much more experience than simply killing a regular bot.

Successful Extractions

Arena Brekout: Infinite extraction point

Lastly, surviving raids is crucial for earning a lot of experience in Arena Breakout: Infinite. This will grant you an experience bonus each time you successfully extract from the map and bring all the loot to your stash.

So now you know, those are the best methods for gaining experience and leveling up in Arena Breakout: Infinite. For more on upcoming games, be sure to check out everything we know about the following highly-anticipated titles:

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