All Arena Breakout: Infinite extraction points

Franco Diaz
Arena Breakout: Infinite extraction point

Knowing the location of all extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite will help you choose the best extraction route regardless of your spawn location. Here are all the extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Farm and Valley are the only two maps available in the closed beta of Arena Breakout: Infinite. Each map features its unique bosses and a plethora of loot to extract. It’s crucial to memorize all the extraction points to safely exit your raids and preserve your loot.

Check out all the extraction points available in Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Arena Breakout: Infinite – All Farm extraction points

Here’s a list of all the extraction points available in Arena Breakout: Infinite’s Farm:

  1. Outpost – Fixed
  2. Boulder Wall – Fixed
  3. Highway – Fixed
  4. Path to Restricted Area – Fixed
  5. Artificial Lake – Chance-based
  6. Path to Northridge – Chance-based
  7. Hunter’s Path – Conditional: Requires to discard the backpack
  8. Southern Blockade – Conditional: Requires a payment of 2,000 Koens
All extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite's Farm
Green circles are fixed, white are chance-based, and orange are the conditional extraction points.

Arena Breakout: Infinite – All Valley extraction points

Here are all Arena Breakout: Infinite fixed, chance-based, and conditional extract points in Valley:

  1. Northeast Road – Fixed
  2. Northwest Road – Fixed
  3. Port – Chance-based
  4. Beachhead Positions – Chance-based
  5. Pino Radio Station – Chance-based
  6. Beach Villa Helipad– Conditional: Requires two Dogtags
  7. Noan Courtyard – Conditional: Requires a Safety Cord
  8. Forest Cabin Shelter – Conditional: Requires Forest Cabin Key
All extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite's Valley
Walk between trees in Valley to avoid being seen by snipers.

What are extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite?

Extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite are areas that players need to reach to successfully exit the raid without being killed or before time runs out. These extraction points are marked with red smoke so they can be seen from afar.

Each map in Arena Breakout: Infinite features eight extraction points and these can be fixed, chance-based, or conditional. Here’s what each of these types entail:

  • Fixed: The fixed extraction points are enabled on the opposite side of the map from the spawn point. These points will always appear and are never closed to players.
  • Chance-based: These are random points that may or may not be enabled in some raids. However, the only way to find out if they are available is to approach and look for the red extraction cloud.
  • Conditional: These are locations that are always available but require some item or payment of money to use them.

That’s everything you need to know about the extraction points in Arena Breakout: Infinite. We’ll make sure to add new extraction points as soon as MoreFun adds new maps to the game.

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