How to complete The Hidden Truth in Wuthering Waves: A True Arena Champion walkthrough

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Chixia in Wuthering Waves

The Hidden Truth is an achievement in Wuthering Waves that tasks you with completing A True Arena Champion, and here is how you can complete it.

Wuthering Waves has a ton of side quests and activities to fill your time, and Completing The Hidden Truth is one of the more comprehensive ones that can be found on the Remnant Residence Island. 

So, here is how you can Complete The Hidden Truth, all the challenges, and complete the ‘A True Arena Champion’ quest in Wuthering Waves.

How to unlock A True Arena Champion quest in Wuthering Waves

To complete The Hidden Truth in Wuthering Waves, you must unlock A True Arena Champion by helping Zeyuan on a small unmarked island just North of Remnant Residence

When you arrive on the island where you meet Zeyuan, an Exile Commoner, help him defeat the enemies and then talk to him. Once the conversation is over, you will unlock the A True Arena Champion quest.

Follow the quest marker to the Exile Camp near Remnant Residence, then speak with Zeyuan again to get the Camp Access Pass. Find the receptionist in this camp to apply for a Seaside Arena Pass. You will need to complete three trials to get this pass.

Wuthering Waves map Remnant Residence
You can start The Hidden Truth by heading to the island just North of Remnant Residence.

How to complete A True Arena Champion Trials in Wuthering Waves

There are three trials you need to complete in Wuthering Waves’ A True Arena Champion, and here is how to complete them:

Trial One

The first trial requires you to climb a building to retrieve a gun from the top of the building the Receptionist is standing by. Follow the quest marker and climb the building with a combination of wall climbing and gliding.

Once you have reached the top, retrieve the gun and return it to the Receptionist. You’ll receive a badge for completing the first trial.

Trial Two

The second trial asks you to complete a shooting challenge. You’ll need to complete it within a two-minute time limit, so make sure you use a Pistol Resonator like Chixia, Aalto, or Mortefi to complete it. 

Once you are done, return to the Receptionist and you’ll get your badge for completing the second trial. 

Trial Three

For the third trial, set your in-game time to 17:00 and follow the quest marker to find the Exile Resonator. From here, you will be asked to defeat an Echo in battle. 

Once you are victorious, return to the Receptionist to get your final badge. Hand them all in, and you will gain access to the Seaside Arena.

Receptionist in Remnant Residence in Wuthering Waves
You can go to the Receptionist to get your badges after completing each trial.

How to complete the Seaside Arena in Wuthering Waves

To complete the Seaside Arena in Wuthering Waves, you must defeat all enemies within three waves that get more difficult each time. Then, you’ll go up against the Arena Champion. 

Once you have successfully defeated all enemies in the three waves, speak with the Gladiator Champion and Exile Resonator. Set your time to 12:00 the following day, and begin the final battle. 

How to defeat the Arena Champion

The Arena Champion has two phases: 

  • Phase one: The Champion spawns two Chasm Guardian Echoes. Keep your focus on the Champion, because this will initiate the second phase. 
  • Phase two: The Champion spawns Prism Echoes. Take them out first, then turn your focus on the Champion. 

Once you have defeated the Arena Champion, the quest is complete and you will get your rewards. 

All rewards for A True Arena Champion in Wuthering Waves

You’ll get Resonance Potions, Energy Cores, Sealed Tubes, and Shell Credits for completing A True Arena Champion in Wuthering Waves: 

  • 4x Medium Resonance Potions
  • 4x Medium Energy Cores 
  • 2x Medium Seal Tubes
  • 6000x Shell Credits

Once you have completed this questline, you will also receive the ‘A Desperate Gamble’ Trophy, which required you to Complete ‘The Hidden Truth.’

That’s everything to know about how to complete The Hidden Truth achievement in Wuthering Waves! Make sure to check out how to unlock daily quests, everything you need to know about Elements, and the gacha system explained before you log on next time and pull for new characters.

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