Unvaulted Fortnite item is perfect counter to overpowered vehicles

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Boogie Bomb

Epic Games have unvaulted Boogie Bombs as a counter to the OP vehicles in Chapter 5 Season 3, and players are finally heaving a sigh of relief.

Ever since the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 update went live, players have been talking about how overpowered the vehicles in the game were, thanks to the numerous weapon attachments that the developers introduced.

In a recent hotfix, however, Epic Games unvaulted the Boogie Bombs and introduced some nerfs to these vehicles on the island. While the nerfs will reduce vehicular dominance to a certain extent, the Boogie Bomb has become a major counter to cars in Fortnite.

Whenever this bomb is tossed at a vehicle in the game, it throws the person driving the car out of it and forces them to dance momentarily. While the player under the influence of the Boogie Bomb will lose their ability to use guns for a short period of time, they’ll still retain the ability to move.

Players have been coming up with unique ways to use the Boogie Bomb along with the different weapons available in Fortnite. For example, as shared in a clip by @Chaos_ArtistFN on X, they threw a Boogie Bomb at a car, and then struck the enemy with Nitro Fists, resulting in an instant death.

A player commented, “Now that’s funnier than the damn boring car gimmick,” while another said, “I never would have thought Boogie Bombs would save a Fortnite season.”

Dataminers have also mentioned that the developers are working on a Sniper which can deal 3x damage to vehicles, and are planning on unvaulting the EMP Grenade as well.

Both these items are aimed as counters to the vehicles in Chapter 5 Season 3 and could affect the vehicle meta as the season progresses.

Dataminers have also suggested that a new Pirates of the Caribbean and a Fall Guys crossover are in the works, and are scheduled to release later on during this season.