Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover – How to play, cosmetics & leaked BR minigame

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration

Epic Games added the Fall Guys crossover event with the Fortnite 30.30 update which introduced a host of new items to the Creative mode.

The crossover was first revealed in the leaked 2024 roadmap and was followed by dataminers revealing the information in bits and pieces. While the crossover was originally scheduled for June 17, it was delayed and finally launched on July 23.

How to play Fall Guys maps in Fortnite Creative

  1. Launch Fortnite and head into the Creative Mode.
  2. Start the game and you will be taken to your creator hub.
  3. Here, you’ll find a portal that you can use to create a new island.
  4. When you select this, you’ll have a lot of templates at your disposal. Select the “Fall Guys” option from the left panel, and then give it a name.
  5. You will automatically be transformed into a Bean and then you can jump into the portal, which will take you to your brand-new island.
Fortnite Fall Guys islan template
You have five different templates that you can pick from.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to publish your map just yet. You’ll have to wait till the developers have rolled out the 30.40 update to make your custom map available for others to play.

New cosmetics

As a part of this crossover, whenever you step into any Fall Guys-themed map, you will automatically be converted into a bean that resemble the skin that you’ve currently equipped, without making any additional purchase.

These bean-shaped character models have been released for almost every single skin available in the game so far.

There’s also a Pink Plushie Backbling that’s set to come to the game with the crossover and is one of the few Backblings that reacts to your movements.

Fortnite x Fall Guys Battle Royale minigame leaked

According to leakers, the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover will introduce a new mini-game within the Battle Royale. This is quite similar to what we’ve seen in Chapter 2 Season 7 where we could enter the alien mothership and compete against other players for loot.

In Chapter 5 Season 3, you will be able to interact with a certain item that will teleport you to a Fall Guys course where you will have to race with other players on the island, and the final person left standing will have the chance to grab high-quality loot.

That sums up everything we know about the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration for now. We’ll update this piece with more information when it’s available.

Until then, here’s a friendly reminder that you can get free V-Bucks while unlocking all Battle Pass skins in Season 3, so we recommend staying up to date with Weekly Quests and Story Quests to level up fast.