Meta Fortnite SMG is so overpowered it’s replacing Assault Rifles

Amitesh Dhar
fortnite loading screen

Fortnite players mostly choose Assault Rifles over SMGs because of their high damage output and efficiency at long range, but one SMG is giving all Assault Rifles a run for their money.

In Fortnite, Assault Rifles tend to be a staple of every loadout that players use during matches because of how efficient they’re at medium to long range.

However, in the current meta, players feel that the Enforcer AR has too much recoil, while the damage fall-off for the Tactical AR is higher than the rest of the weapons of the same type.

This situation has caused players to turn to a different weapon, the Thunder Burst SMG, which players have been using because of its performance when compared to the other Assault Rifles in the game.

GorshGuy shared a post on Reddit, joking about the performance of the Thunder Burst SMG, comparing it to Assault Rifles. To explain the joke, a player responded, “To those who keep saying or thinking ‘it’s not an AR, it’s bait,’ the joke is that it’s so good [at] mid-to-long distance that it feels like an AR.”

Without the mods, the Thunder Burst SMG in Fortnite has a low DPS output and a high TTK, but it is more accurate than most of the other weapons in the game and has a 1.75x headshot damage multiplier.

The Legendary variant of the Thunder Burst SMG deals 29 Damage per shot and has a fire rate of 6.63 rounds per second. Although this is slower than the other SMGs in Fortnite, the weapon has a DPS rating of 192.27.

The Legendary variant of the Enforcer AR, on the other hand, has a DPS rating of 172, making it slightly inferior, compared to the Thunder Burst SMG. The latter is more accurate as well, and when outfitted with the Laser sight mod, even the hipfire accuracy of the weapon increases.

With more updates in store for the future, changes could come to the current weapon meta soon, just like how the developers introduced the Boogie Bomb to counter the vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

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