Fortnite players slam Fortnitemares 2023’s lack of Halloween spirit

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fortnite's Michael Myers skin

Fortnitemares 2023 filled Fortnite’s map with plenty of spooky content, but players claim that this year’s event isn’t doing enough to set the right Halloween atmosphere. Here’s what the Fortnite community has been talking about.

Fortnite released Fortnitemares 2023, the Halloween annual event that usually revamps the whole map with a spooky atmosphere. As with many other seasonal events, Epic Games featured plenty of cosmetics, rewards, and other themed quests for Season 4.

They also unvaulted classics like Candies, the Witch Broom, and the iconic Pumpkin Launcher, and added weapons such as Thorne’s Vampiric Blade and the Wood Stake Shotgun. But even with bundles featuring cosmetics sets of Michael Myers, Jack Skellington, and Alan Wake, fans weren’t having it.

“The skins are amazing. The mythics are cool. The rewards are way better than last year. But aside from the bus, there is nothing remotely Halloween-themed on the map. No eclipse. No decorations except for tiny buckets of candy. No jumpscare zones. Nothing,” posted Reddit user p5yk0t1km1r4ge in a popular thread on Fortnite’s subreddit.

Other players chimed in with their opinions about the lack of Halloween spirit on Fortnite’s map, and several also posted examples of why they were underwhelmed with this year’s seasonal event: “Can any give me a genuinely good reason as to why there are no decorations?,” asked Redditor Reidhan.

Players criticize lack of Halloween theme in Fortnitemares 2023

Several Fortnite fans agreed that the Fortnitemares event felt strange without Halloween decorations and that this seemed a phenomenon that hasn’t happened in most of Fortnite’s events. “The base game is fun as ever, but there’s no life in seasonal updates and holidays anymore,” pointed out Reddit user 7_Cerberus_7.

Some users said that they were expecting a slight fog to cover Fortnite’s map or a blood moon creepily gazing over players. “Epic is becoming lazier day by day, Fortnightmare without any Halloween theme is soulless in my opinion,” noted Redditor Oasisten in the same post.

While players discuss the reason for the lack of content during this year’s Fortnitemares, other users seem to believe that Epic Games have stopped giving as much attention to Fortnite’s season because of the latest wave of layoffs at the company.

“100% they just want the community to do all the work,” said reddit user DandyLyen, “Buggy opening screen, no play testing when you can just work out the kinks later. And this from a company that’s racking in money, but also laid off a bunch of employees.”

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