Fortnite players slam disappointing Winterfest event: “Christmas is canceled”

Joseph Pascoulis
fortnite winterfest 2023 skin

Fortnite players are not happy with the Winterfest event for 2023, as they claim it’s “devoid of all personality.”

Fortnite has had a lot to offer in recent times, with Season OG being closed out with the massive Chapter 5 update, which has brought more ways to play Fortnite than ever before.

From the classic battle royale, which features a new map, to LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing, there’s plenty to enjoy. On top of all this, there’s a fresh Battle Pass with exciting new cosmetics and skins, and with Christmas around the corner, the annual Winterfest event has arrived.

Winterfest gives players an opportunity to earn free Christmas-themed cosmetics, and it’s something players will look forward to each year. Usually, there’s a cabin in which players can scroll and click through to get their rewards. However, Epic have decided to scrap that for Winterfest 2023.

This has led to outrage in the community, with Reddit posts such as Sklarlight’s highlighting the event’s lack of “personality, effort and character.”

The post showed an image of the previous Fortnite Winterfest hub UI, the cabin, next to an image of this year’s more simple menu-style layout. A meme of Pewdiepie can be seen with the caption “it is evolving, just backwards” at the bottom of the image, showing their feelings towards the removal of the cabin.

Others feel similarly too, as one comment read, “Christmas is canceled,” while another pointed out that there wasn’t even a trailer: “Not even a cinematic this year.”

Players are disappointed with the lack of “effort” for the 2023 Winterfest Christmas event, but some feel it’s understandable since they have dropped so much new big content over the last few weeks, “Probably had to pull resources away from Winterfest to work on the three other games(not modes!) they released this year.”

LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival are all new additions in Chapter 5, so perhaps a lot of the time spent on these new modes prevented them from putting more work into Winterfest.

Perhaps more effort will be put in for next year. Until then, check out how many people are currently playing Fortnite.

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