Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024: Island Code, challenges, rewards, more

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Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 skins

Fortnite is celebrating Ramadan again with a new edition of Lantern Fest in 2024. To earn some exclusive rewards, you need to complete different puzzles and challenges so here’s how you can solve them during the Lantern Fest in Chapter 5 Season 2.

The Fortnite Lantern Fest event is back in Chapter 5 Season 2 with a brand-new island filled with activities. The annual event lets players celebrate Ramadan alongside their squads by completing different challenges and claiming rewards like XP.

If you’re looking to participate in this year’s celebrations, here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024, including new skins, how to solve the puzzles, and much more.

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 start & end date

The Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 event runs from March 10 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT to April 10, 2024, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

Fortnite Lantern Oasis in Chapter 5 Season 2
Players can travel to the new Lantern Oasis to complete different challenges to get XP.

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 Island Code

Illusion Creative are responsible for this year’s Lantern Fest Island in Fortnite Creative, and players can access it by using the code 5629-9147-3382.

The Lantern Fest Oasis packs “various challenges such as the Arena, Setting the Dining Table, Find the Falcon, Kashta Parkour,” and more as revealed in the official Fortnite blog post.

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 challenges & rewards

Once you enter the Lantern Fest Oasis in Fortnite, you’ll be able to go to different areas to complete this year’s Lantern Fest challenges to get XP:

  • Finish Arena challenges
  • Finish Arcade challenges
  • Find all 4 Lanterns
  • Finish all 4 Riddles
  • Prepare the Dining Table
Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 challenges
It’s recommended to tackle the Lantern Fest 2024 challenges alongside friends.

Some of these challenges are already available, while others will be added during the event in the coming days. While Arcade and Arena challenges are pretty straightforward, finding Lanterns and solving Riddles might prove difficult to finish.

On the other hand, preparing the Dining Table requires you to get coins from other challenges so you can buy the items you need to complete it.

Where to find Hidden Lanterns in the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024

There are a total of four lanterns that you need to find, out of which two are currently available. The remaining ones will go live at a later date. Here’s how you can find them:

Rooftop Lantern

Lantern on top of a rooftop
You’ll find the first lantern on the roof of a building

This lantern is located on top of a building. Here’s how you can get it:

  1. As you enter the map, look for planks and stringy twine.
  2. Once you’ve found them, head to the building with the sign of a fishing hook on its side. Collect a fishing rod from here.
  3. In the corner of the room, you will find a pool. Use the fishing rod to catch a hop flopper and then head back to the building with the fishing hook.
  4. Opposite this building, you should see a staircase. The lantern is on the building opposite this staircase.
  5. Consume the hop flopper and collect this lantern.

Lantern Maze

Maze Lantern
The second lantern is located at the end of a maze
  1. This lantern is located inside a maze.
  2. From where you spawn, keep going right, until you come to a palm tree with a skeleton beside it.
  3. Follow this corridor until you come to a wall with a hole in it.
  4. Go through this hole and keep going straight until you see another wall with a hole in it, and a path to the right.
  5. Take the right and follow the road until you come to another doorway with the lantern on a pedestal.

Guarded Lantern

  1. When you’re facing the sarcophagus, you’ll notice that there’s an alleyway that’s heading to the right.
  2. Head through this alley till you come to a room filled with treasure.
  3. On one of the walls, you’ll notice that there’s a green panel.
  4. Enter this panel and flip the switch, and then make your way back to the Sarcophagus.
  5. When you return, you’ll notice that the Sarcophagus is open, and you can collect the Lost Lantern inside.

Boxed Lantern

  1. Follow the corridor and then head down the stairs.
  2. At the end of the stairwell, you’ll see that the corridor has turned.
  3. Keep following the corridor till you come to another staircase, that leads into a room with three exits.
  4. Take the one on your left, and keep going till you come to a room with pots and boxes.
  5. The final Lantern is in this room behind the boxes.

How to solve the puzzles in the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024

Just like the lanterns, there are four puzzles that you need to solve. However, only two are accessible right now. Here are the solutions to these puzzles:

Royal Race

Royal Race puzzle room
You’ll need to move the animals in a particular sequence

You have 90 seconds to solve this puzzle, and to solve it, you need to move the animals in a specific order. The order is as follows:

  1. Falcon x1
  2. Falcon x2, Camel x2, Horse x1
  3. Horse x1, Falcon x2, Camel x2

Curious Mouse

The Curious Mouse puzzle room
You will have to light torches in a specific order

The solution to this puzzle is located in the main riddle hall. To solve the Curious Mouse puzzle, you need to interact with the torches inside the room in a specific order. The order is as follows:

  1. House
  2. Well
  3. Camel
  4. Bottle
  5. Bird
  6. Horse

Unfinished Work

To complete this riddle, you need to finish the structure. To do so:

  1. Interact with the pedestal in the center.
  2. Keep turning the objects till their wider portion is at the bottom and the narrower portion is at the top.
  3. Once you’ve done so for all the structures, the pyramid will align automatically.

Flashback Riddle

For this riddle, you’ll need to refer to the other three riddles that you’ve solved. Once you’re in the riddle room, these are the colors that you need to enter:

  • Camel (Yellow): Red + Green
  • Horse (Cyan): Green + Blue
  • Pyramid (White): Red + Green + Blue
  • Mouse: Green
  • Bird: Red

While players expected cosmetics or other rewards, the Lantern Fest 2024 challenges only give away XP, so keep that in mind.

How to set Dining Table in Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024

Lantern Fest Dining Table
You need to set up the Dining Table to complete the event.

To set up the Dining Table, you will have to purchase the items from the Bazaar with the coins that you earn from completing the challenges.

However, there are a few fruits and vegetables that you won’t be able to purchase from the Bazaar. Instead, you’ll have to purchase some precursor materials, which you can use to grow these fruits and vegetables.

There’s a farming patch to the right of where you spawn in the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024. Here, you can grow whatever material you need.

Lantern Fest bazaar
You can purchase different items for the Dining Table at the Bazaar

How to get Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 skins

To round out the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024 celebrations, players can also get new themed outfits in the Item Shop:

  • Noorah outfit (includes the Lunar Lantern Back Bling)
  • Anwar outfit (includes the Moonlit Blades Back Bling)

These skins will be available during the Lantern Fest event at a later date, so be on the lookout. Additionally, players will also be able to get content creator SirSANX’s bundle with some of their favorite cosmetics. Content creator SypherPK will also be back as a Fortnite skin, now with an additional LEGO Fortnite style.

That was everything you need to know about the Lantern Fest 2024 event in Fortnite. For more on Epic Games’ title, you can check out more guides below:

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