Fortnite players shocked by “freaky” new Flowberry Fizz item

Ezequiel Leis
Jonesy scared in Fortnite

Fortnite added a brand-new healing item in Chapter 5 Season 1, the Flowberry Fizz, and many players can’t believe how the developers pulled it off.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 takes players to a completely new map that features a moving train alongside bosses with Society Medallions and many locations to visit. The new Chapter also introduced many new weapons while making changes to the movement systems and the way players can use consumable items to restore health and shields.

Now, a month after the launch of the latest season, Epic Games introduced another item that has the community talking: Flowberry Fizz. Many players were complaining about the lack of new healing items in Chapter 5 Season 1, especially after vaulting the Med-Mist, a fan-favorite item that allowed players to heal while moving.

Since that’s now something you can do with every other consumable, Epic Games decided to introduce the new Flowberry Fizz. This healing item is made of Flowberries and provides the same effect, restoring up to 100 shield and providing players with a low-gravity effect. While this seems very useful, especially since you can also heal teammates with it, players feel it’s been quite the “freaky” addition.

“This looks like… something else…” a player stated on X after watching its animation, and others chimed in to share their reactions to the new item. One user commented, “The content that gonna be made from this is gonna be crazy,” while another jokingly added, “Nothing wrong with a little post fizz clarity.”

The Flowberry Fizz was added without official announcements on Fortnite’s channels. That’s why many players, including content creator Jake Lucky, believe Epic Games knew exactly what they were doing when they created the new healing item.

Aside from the community’s reaction, players can now restore their shields or their teammates’ with a brand-new item. This will surely shift the way many play the battle royale, keeping the experience fresh for longer. It’s hard to tell if the Flowberry Fizz will stay in Fortnite after Season 1 ends, but we’ll keep you updated.

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