Fortnite players raise warnings over Flowberries use in Chapter 5

Franco Diaz
Fortnite characters Flowberry fruitEpic Games

The new Flowberry item in Fortnite is causing some issues for many players, sparking a new debate: is it a new bug or a new mechanic in the game?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is in full swing, and players can now discover all the new features that Epic Games added to the game, such as all-new weapons and the new mods system, new items, bosses, vehicles, rewards, and much more.

Among the new items added, the Flowberry stands out. This new fruit that arrived on the Fortnite island allows a slight restoration of shield to those who consume it and their nearby teammates. Additionally, it grants a temporary low-gravity effect with fall damage immunity, making consuming it before making a significant jump a good choice.

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However, this new item came with a bit of controversy to the famous Fortnite island because the brief effect of the Flowberry played a trick on several players.

Reddit user ‘GMR_Knocker’ posted a clip in which the player dies due to fall damage shortly after consuming a Flowberry, just seconds after making the second big jump. In the post title, the OP refers to “these ‘glow’ berries are NOT hitting the right spot.”

However, it can be seen in the video that the Flowberry effect ends (the pink trail is cut off) upon making the jump, allowing fall damage once again.

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A player commented that this is a new bug, arguing that “normally when low gravity wears out in mid air it still counteracts fall damage,” like with shockwaves or low gravity augment.

Many have agreed with this user, while another player sarcastically commented that this is not the case since “It’s supposed to be a high skill item. You use it, get the status effect that the playerbase has learned means one thing, and then they make something different happen.”

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This clip quickly opened up the debate: is it a new bug, or is it a new mechanic in Fortnite? To find out the answer, we’ll have to wait and see what Epic have to say, although it’s highly likely that it’s a new bug since the devs didn’t announce the arrival of a new gameplay mechanic in Chapter 5.

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