How to unlock Reaper Job in Final Fantasy XIV

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FF14 Reaper job.

Those who want to call the power from the void and play a DPS class in Final Fantasy XIV should try the Reaper Job. So, here’s how to unlock the melee DPS in FF14, as well as all previously needed requirements.

Final Fantasy 14 has no shortage of DPS classes, from melee options to ranged and caster damage dealers. With each expansion, new Jobs arrive, and all MMO players love to try new builds and aspects of each class added.

The Reaper Job is one of the latest additions to Square Enix’s hit MMO, alongside the Sage healer class, and it borrows power from the mysterious void to deal tons of damage. If you want to become a Reaper in FF14, there’s some stuff to do first.

So, here’s everything you need to unlock the Reaper Job in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy 14: Reaper Job pre-requirements

Before trying to unlock the Reaper Job in Final Fantasy 14, players must have at least one Disciple of War or Magic Job at level 70 and own the Endwalker Expansion.

FF14 Reaper job in action.
The Reaper is a melee DPS Job in FF XIV, similar to the Dragoon class.

As with all new Jobs introduced in each FF14 Expansion, having a class at the same level as the starting level of the new Job is required. Alongside the Sage Job, the Reaper was also introduced in FF XIV: Endwalker, but each class can be unlocked in previously visited cities.

Final Fantasy XIV: How to unlock Reaper Job

Once you meet all pre-requirements, players must head over to Ul’dah to unlock the Reaper Job and speak to the Flustered Attendant located in the X: 12.8 Y: 8.6 coordinates. This begins the quest to unlock the Reaper Job called ‘The Killer Instinct.’

Here are all the steps to complete The Killer Instinct quest and unlock the Reaper in FF14:

  1. Head over to Uldah – Steps of Thal (X: 13.9, Y: 11.4) to speak to Jijilyo.
  2. Once you finish the conversation, head to Pearl Lane at Uldah – Steps of Thal (X: 13.5, Y: 11.5) and speak to the Loyal Lemure to enter.
  3. Once the cutscene is finished, speak to Drusilla to complete the quest and receive the Soul of the Reaper, the Muzhik Attire Coffer, and a Deepgold War Scythe.

You can speak once again to Drusilla to accept the The Harvest Begins quest and unlock an introduction to your new Reaper Job, as well as guidance on its DPS role.

How to switch to Reaper Job in FF14

Players must equip the Job-specific weapon to change into the Reaper Job or any Job in FF14. In this case, equipping your newly acquired Deepgold War Scythe will change jobs automatically, equipping the Soul of the Reaper as well.

Do not forget to open the Muzhik Attire Coffer you obtained from Drusilla, as it will give all the starting gear a new Reaper needs.

And that was everything you need to know to become a Reaper in Final Fantasy 14! For more on all things Final Fantasy, check out the rest of our content:

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