Best weapons for every FF7 Rebirth character: Locations, Skills, more

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Building the best party setup in FF7 Rebirth is no easy feat, and it starts with choosing the best weapons at your disposal. Here are the best weapons for every character in FF7 Rebirth, as well as where to find them and their best skills.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is an RPG, and that means that tons of customization options are available alongside skill and level progression. Also, choosing the right weapon is key, as they will not only affect your stats but also pack different materia slots and Weapon skills.

Here’s all you need to know about the best weapons for each character in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth: Best weapons & where to find them

Each character will have its own stats to keep focus on in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and these weapons pack the best stats, Materia slots, Skills, and more to crush enemies.

They are obtained fairly in the late game, so keep in mind that these are end-game tools for the last parts of the adventure. We have, however, also included some options for earlier game weapons that will help you obtain the best.

Here are the best Weapons and Skills for each character, including their locations:


Cloud is the do-all serve-all character in FF7 Rebirth, and the Slipstream Saber is the best tool for his trade. Fair Weapon Skills focused on Melee damage and a great magic stat balance make the Slipstream Saber the way to keep Cloud as the party all-rounder.

Cloud best weapon FF7 Rebirth.
Cloud’s best weapon specializes in Critical hits and counterattacks.

This weapon’s best Skills are the Critical Hit Up and Critical Damage Up, combined with Weapon Ability Damage Up that in Counter Attacks can deal massive damage. This weapon is unlocked in one of the last locations of Chapter 13, which we won’t spoil, but like all weapons, it is found inside a purple chest.

If you want to turn Cloud into a damage-focused party member, however, you can look into the Crystal Sword. The Infinity’s End focus allows you to ability that has Cloud perform an intense overhead strike that increases a targeted enemy’s Stagger.


The Jarngreipr is undoubtedly the best weapon for Tifa in FF7 Rebirth, as its stats and Weapon Ability focus on what this character does best: attack fast and build up Stagger.

This is the best way to increase the Stagger damage bonus on enemies in the late game, so once the barage of Tifa hits fill the Stagger bar, unleash True Strike on enemies.

Tifa best weapon.
Tifa’s pure strength is what makes the Jarngreipr gloves her best weapon.

The best Weapon Skills for the Jarngreipr are Utterly Unbridled Strength and Weapon Ability Damage +5%, which will boost the total damage of True Strike. You can find this in Chapter 13, in one of the game’s last locations.

Alternatively, you can look into the Feathered Gloves for Tifa. The Starshower ability will enhance her close-up fighting style with a flurry of blows to dominate enemies.


The Battle Cry cannon is Barret’s best weapon, and it is also obtained during the visit to the important location of Chapter 13. Its Overload Overcharge, Massive Recharge, and Weapon ATB Recovery Skills are the best choices combined with the gun’s ability, which favors ATB charge rate.

Barret Best weapon.
The Battle Cry cannon is Barret’s ultimate weapon, and it boosts its Overcharge charge and damage.

Alternatively, you could also look into the Barrage Blaster, which allows Barret to use the Lifesaver ability. Lifesaver allows him to increase his HP and take damage intended for other party members, only solidifying his position as the best tank in the game.


For Aerith, the best Rod is the Gambanteinn, which can be found during the events of Chapter 13’s last location. Its weapon ability is Noble Sacrifice, and Aerith can sacrifice herself to revive all fallen allies during a fight.

Aeirth best weapon
Aerith’s best weapon is a reference to her death in FF7’s original PS1 game.

The best Weapon Skills to use on Gambanteinn are Ice Damage Up +10%, ATB Charge Rate Up, and Magic Attack Power +20. If Aerith packs a leveled-up Ice Materia, she can unleash Blizzaga on enemies and crush them even if Ice is not their weakness.

You can also find the Wizard Rod in Chapter 7, which will give Aerith to conjure a magical barrier that helps keep projectiles at bay with Lustrous Shield.


Brisingamen is the name for Red XIII’s best weapon, and it is obtained in the Temple of the Ancients, in Chapter 13. The Reaper Touch Weapon Ability is a great skill for Red, as his Vengeance mode benefits for damage received, and the Ability does more damage the more hits Red takes.

Red XIII best Weapon.
Red XIII is a great all-rounder like Cloud, but he deals less Melee damage.

You can equip Brisingamen with the Vengeance Gauge Charge Rate Up, MP Recovery Rate Up, and Attack Power +20 to get a nice combo between Red’s Melee and Magic attack versatility.

For an earlier option, you can find the Golden Collar in Chapter 9 for Red XIII which has 145 Attack at Weapon Level 7 and two Magic Attack Power +20 Weapon Skills.


The Fuma Shuriken is what you need to equip Yuffie with, as it is the best weapon for Wutai’s ninja. Yuffie’s ultimate weapon is also obtained in the last location of Chapter 13, and it transforms her into a killing machine.

Yuffie best weapon.
Yuffie is the best character in-game, as she can hit almost all weaknesses with the Fuma Shuriken.

The best Weapon Skills for Yuffie’s Fuma Shiruken are ATB Charge Rate Up, Shuriken Mastery, and a mix between Fire Damage Up +10% or Ice Damage Up +10%.

The Bird of Prey is an earlier weapon found in Chapter 9 that lets Yuffie focus on dealing Critical Hits with massive power,

Cait Sith

Cait Sith is the last playable character you unlock in FF7 Rebirth, and the best weapon for it is the Gjallarhorn megaphone. You can find its best weapon by exchanging 45 Chocograss with the Chocobo Vendor of Nibelheim, after finishing the Stable’s sidequest.

Cait Sith best weapon.
Cait Sith is a difficult character to master, but its Luck skills are the best in late-game battles.

Gjallarhorn Weapon Ability is great to mix with Cloud’s best weapon, Slipstream Saber. Lady Luck boosts the Critical hit rate of all allies when used, and it is great to pair this with the Lucky Jockey, ATB Limit, and Magic Damage +20 Weapon Skills.

Caith Sith is a great mage, and Gjallarhorn has a good amount of Materia slots to diversify the different elements it can cast. Alternatively, you could also look into the Resounding Megaphone, found in Chapter 9, to turn Cait Sith into a Paladin to buff and heal the party.

And those were all the best weapons for each character in FF7 Rebirth, as well as their locations. For more on Square Enix’s latest adventures, check out the rest of our content:

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