Who is the Angel Inarius in Diablo 4?

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Diablo 4 Inarius

The Diablo franchise has an extensive lore that explains why diabolical forces invaded the world. In Diablo 4, Blizzard focused on explaining the battle led by Inarius, a key character in the creation of Sanctuary. Here’s everything you need to know about Inarius in Diablo 4.

The Diablo franchise is famous for building a fantasy world that revolves around the relationship between humans, angels, and demons. One of the main characters of this story, which first began with Diablo’s original release in 1997, is an angel called Inarius.

Since Call of Duty has summoned some of Diablo’s main characters to be operators in its Season 6 update, everybody wants to know what role played Inarius in the eternal war against evil. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the Angel Inarius in Diablo 4.

Who is the Angel Inarius in Diablo 4?

Inarius is an essential character in the creation of the world of the Diablo franchise, which was shown for the first time in Diablo 4. He was once a powerful angel who led the forces of the High Heavens against the Prime Evils of Hell.

According to Diablo’s lore, Inarius was captured by the Lord of Hell and tortured for a millennia, while the angelic forces did nothing to rescue him. He became bitter towards the purpose of the eternal war and noticed that some demons thought the same.

Inarius was eventually freed by Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, and together led a rebellion against the forces of Hell and Heaven. They both formed an alliance and started a romantic relationship that resulted in the creatures called Nephalem.

In order to avoid the Eternal Conflict, Inarius and Lilith created Sanctuary, where their children and allies could roam free. However, both Heaven and Hell considered them abominations and tried to destroy everything they both built.

Lilith began using the Nephalem as weapons against the Prime Evils and the Aegis Council, but Inarius decided to betray her and cast her into an abyss for all eternity. Once this happened, the forces of Hell and Heaven stopped attacking Sanctuary and the remaining Nephalem eventually evolved into humans.

Diablo 4 Inarius
Inarius refuses to help players at first in Diablo 4.

Inarius built a religion around himself in what remained of Sanctuary. He reframed the events of Sanctuary’s creation in order to make himself look like the savior of humanity, without mentioning the role of Lilith or her demonic allies.

In Diablo 4, Inarius has grown tired of human beings and wants to return to Heaven. In order to do so, he tries to hunt and kill Lilith to offer her as a tribute to return to his celestial residence.

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