How to get Condemnation in Diablo 4: Unique dagger drop location

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 Rogues

Condemnation in Diablo 4 is a Unique dagger that only Rogues can use. So how do you get this weapon, and what does it do?

In Diablo 4, you will come across a powerful gear category known as Uniques. Items that are a part of this category aren’t essential to any build in the game, but can increase the efficiency of any given character.

There are a lot of Uniques that you will come across in Diablo 4 and the Condemnation is one of them. This item can only be used by Rogues, and can work well with melee builds for the class.

So here’s how you can get the Condemnation dagger in Diablo 4, and the unique effect that it has.

Where to find Condemnation in Diablo 4

There are three sources from where you can get the Condemnation dagger in Diablo 4. These sources are as follows:

  • From random loot drops by defeating monsters or opening chests in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4.
  • Defeating the Beast in Ice endgame boss.
  • Defeating the Echo of Varshan endgame boss.

While you have a higher chance of getting the Condemnation in Diablo 4 by defeating both endgame bosses, the odds of you receiving the dagger from the Echo of Varshan are higher because his loot table has less weapons.

Diablo 4 Condemnation dagger unique effect

The unique effect on the Condemnation dagger in Diablo 4 is as follows: “Your Core Skills deal [20 -40%] increased damage when spending 3 Combo Points. Your Basic Skills using this weapon have a 30% chance to generate 3 Combo Points.”

Condemnation dagger Diablo 4
This dagger works well with the Combo Points specialization.

So if you’re using a build that relies on the Combo Points specialization, then this is a weapon that you should be using with your build in Diablo 4.

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