Diablo 4 players claim Rogues were secretly nerfed in 1.3.3 update

Amitesh Dhar
Rogue in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players feel that the Rogue was hit with a few secret nerfs in the recent 1.3.3 update after they found their character struggling to complete activities that they could previously finish without breaking a sweat.

In Diablo 4, as you go to higher World Tiers, the monsters and the damage that you take from the different elemental sources are more lethal. To counter this, you need to start min-maxing your build.

While dealing damage is one piece of the puzzle, surviving the damage that monsters and bosses dish out is the other part. But as players have noticed, after the Diablo 4 1.3.3 update, Rogues are having a hard time surviving attacks from monsters that they could eliminate previously.

As mentioned by ‘redhitman37’ on Reddit, their Penetrating Shot Rogue was being melted by elemental monsters after the recent patch.

The OP further stated that their character had max elemental resistance but was finding it difficult to complete a level 91 Nightmare Dungeon following the latest Diablo 4 update.

Players have expressed that they were surprised when their Rogues were taking more damage than usual. One fan said, “Thought it was just me. Something definitely changed with this last patch regarding elemental damage and/or resistances.”

Another player clarified that their Rogue build in Diablo 4 was facing the same issue despite not exploiting a Crossbow bug.

They said, “I had a nice solid pen shot/rapid fire build with a 925 Skyhunter bow (so not exploiting the crossbow bug), he was hitting for about 5m and clearing level 100 NMDs with minimal effort. After the patch I haven’t changed anything and I’m hitting for about 1.5m and level 80 NMDs are a struggle.”

With most of the Rogues complaining about this issue in Diablo 4, there’s a possibility of Blizzard silently nerfing the character, or that a fresh bug is affecting the class.

If this is indeed a bug, then it should be addressed in an upcoming hotfix, quite similar to what the developers have done in the past. Until then, be sure to check out what players have to say about the Gauntlet and the best builds for the activity.

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