Diablo 4 players call out “stupid” drop rates for temporary seasonal items

Amitesh Dhar
A Seneschal Construct in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

In Diablo 4, you will come across a lot of build-defining seasonal items, some of which have very low drop rates. Players feel that these items have unreasonable drop rates, considering that they’ll be removed once the season ends.

In Diablo 4 Season of the Construct, you will come across different Governing Stones and Tuning Stones. While most of these stones are available from the very beginning, some of them only drop from the Uber Malphas boss fight.

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However, players feel that running the Vaults for all the Unique Stones after completing everything that the season has to offer isn’t fun at all.

As mentioned by ‘Bruce-Willass’ on Reddit, locking the Unique Stones behind an activity in Diablo 4 and lowering its drop rates is something that they found “insanely stupid.”

Others agreed with what OP had to say and felt that the “odd” seasonal dev team for Diablo 4 didn’t think this through. One player said, “This whole stone thing is a major failure on Blizzard’s end. I’m 250+ runs on a single character with a single stone, and what’s worse is I’ve gotten that stone twice now.”

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Players also pointed out that the developers increased the drop rates of these items in a previous patch in Diablo 4. Before the patch, the Unique Stones from Uber Malphas had a 0.25% drop rate, while after the patch, they had a 0.5% drop rate.

A Redditor commented, “Can’t imagine how they ever thought 0.25% was anywhere near acceptable.” Player ‘Amonthar’ said, “I used to think Blizzard could not do anything worse for a seasonal theme than when Diablo 3 did Season of the Triune. This dev team has proven me wrong.”

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With more than a month left for the current season to conclude, players feel that the developers should take all the feedback into account and implement it in the next season.

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