How to beat Malphas in Diablo 4 Season 3: Location, rewards, more

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Malphas in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Season 3 came with a new boss for players to beat, and his name is Malphas. There are new mechanics and rewards to look forward to, and this guide will take you through everything you need to know. 

Season 3 of Diablo 4 brought Malphas into the story, the demon within the Loom who is trying to take over Sanctuary. As the Diablo 4 Season of the Construct’s main boss, he makes use of the new trap mechanic and Constructs

Malphas is the first stationary boss in Diablo 4, which will bring new challenges to players looking to defeat him. As a result, he also makes extensive use of traps in his attacks – another new feature in Season 3.

Here is everything you need to know about beating Malphas in Diablo 4. 

Where to find Malphas in Diablo 4

Diablo 4’s Malphas can be found in the Vault of the Loom after unlocking the Vault Gates in Gatehall.  Once completing the Season 3 questlines, players will encounter him for the first time.

The story encounter comes straight after completing the main questline of the season. That initial encounter will give players the opportunity to prepare for the Uber fight later on. 

Once players have defeated the story version of Malphas, and they have reached World Tier 4, they will have the opportunity to take the Uber fight head-on.

Blizzard has not confirmed the specific requirements players need to fulfill to summon Uber Malphas, but we will update this guide as soon as they do. 

What are Malphas mechanics in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Malphas is the first stationary boss and utilizes traps and Constructs to defeat players. He also deploys traps during combat to try and hinder players’ efforts to defeat him. 

The Season 3 boss has a few attacks that players can expect: 

  • Elemental Attacks: Malphas summons Conduits that enable different elemental damage. 
  • Chakram Barrage: Elemental Chakras circle Malphas and shoot out.
  • Traps: Players have to dodge molten pools of lava, blasts of ice, and chain lightning. 

Malphas will use these set of skills in elemental phases that switch between fire and ice attacks throughout the battle. He will conjure Conduits in the boss area as well, which will send the battle into different elemental phases. There are four Conduits, and each enables different kinds of attacks.

  • An Alkaline Conduit that does poison damage.
  • An Igneous Conduit that does fire damage.
  • A Gelid Conduit that does ice damage.
  • A Voltaic Conduit that does lightning damage.

How to beat Malphas in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players can defeat Malphas by focusing on moving around the projectiles and traps that he throws in their direction. There are a few key points to remember for a successful battle against Malphas: 

  1. Destroy the Conduits for a brief respite against elemental attacks.
  2. Prioritize mobility to dodge his traps and attacks. 
  3. Gear up for elemental damage and high-damage attacks.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make use of potions. 
  5. Get familiar with the attacks that come with each elemental phase. 

The first thing to prioritize in the fight against Malphas is to destroy the Conduits around the boss area that he creates because this will give you a brief respite against his elemental attacks. These Conduits reappear quickly, so make sure you get good damage on Malphas before you move on to the next one.

Secondly, make sure that you are able to move around the projectiles and traps that he throws in your direction. If you stand still for too long or don’t pay attention to the attacks he launches at you, that could mean the end of you and your party. 

Malphas boss fight area in Diablo 4
The area where you fight Malphas is divided into four sections

You can recognize the elemental phase by paying attention to the appearance of the attacks on the floor of the boss area. Each phase comes with different attacks, and he will continue to throw his normal attacks that you need to dodge while they are going. 

The boss area is divided into four ‘sections,’ and depending on the elemental phase, some of these sections will be easier for your party to move around in. Make sure to note how each elemental phase works so you can work around Malphas in the most effective way possible. 

After defeating Malphas for the first time, you’ll be able to fight against Uber Malphas. Blizzard have not confirmed anything new about Uber Malphas yet, so we’ll keep you updated as soon as more info is available.

Reward drops from Malphas in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players can expect high-tier gear, gold, and Tuning Stones after defeating Malphas. Most importantly, though, he will drop two new Unique Tuning Stones that are necessary to upgrade your Seneschal Companion: Genesis and Evernight.

The Genesis Tuning Stone will increase the effectiveness of a supported Skill by 150%, while the Evernight Tuning Stone will allow a supported skill to grant you +4 to all skills when it is used for two seconds. 

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