Diablo 4 players divided as low Stygian Stones drop rate causes hours of grinding

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Roguq

Stygian Stones are some of the rarest mats in Diablo 4, as they are the only items that will let you summon Tormented Echoes in Season 4. However, they have a very limited drop rate, which has left the community divided.

Reddit user ‘yxalitis’ posted about this in the Diablo 4 subreddit as they claimed that felt that such low drop rates for Stygian Stones serve no purpose.

“Why put something into the game that adds excitement and flavor, and then limit the drop rate so low that most players won’t ever see more than the ones the Iron Wolves quest gives you?” asked the OP, while many others were on the same page.

“There is nothing Blizzard loves more than throttling progression and then telling you why you’re crazy for not enjoying it,” claimed another player.

The entire point of farming Stygian Stones is to fight against buffed-up level 200 versions of endgame Uber bosses to get better rewards, so players want to farm these as much as possible to get a shot at them.

However, many felt that turning up drop rates for Stygian Stones would be detrimental to the grind. “I like that stones are rare, I don’t think tormented bosses should be spammable. [It] creates burnout. And if you’re spamming normal bosses well that’s on you,” added a player.

Stygian Stones surely are quite rare which is a bottleneck for players looking to speed farm the endgame to get their favorite Uber Uniques. However, players who are against this notion raise a valid point as well, because some items should be rare so that there’s a certain feeling of satisfaction when you get the right drop.

With Tormented Echoes being the prime aspects of Diablo 4’s endgame experience, it’ll be interesting to see if Blizzard actually increases the drop rates of Stygian Stones just like they did for Uber Uniques in Season 4.

With the Vessel of Hatred expansion and Season 5 on the horizon, players should try out all the builds they can to be completely prepared when the new updates drop.