Diablo 4 player shocked as Uber Unique makes them almost invincible

Souhardya Choudhury
Seneshcal Construct in Diablo 4

Uber Uniques are the most powerful and rarest items in Diablo 4, and some players are astonished by their effectiveness during combat in Season 3.

Diablo 4 players have been quite active in the community, discussing and suggesting changes to the devs about the ongoing Season 3. Even though there has constantly been a stream of complaints flowing through the internet, Blizzard have been releasing patches to fix them as fast as they can.

After reaching the endgame, most players tend to farm Uber Unique items with Duriel runs and Vaults in Season 3. Very few are actually able to get their hands on them because these are the most powerful and rarest items in the game with 925 power.

However, Reddit user ‘kruse360’ stressed how powerful these items can get as they mentioned: “Putting on Shako is like Bruce Banner turning into Hulk.” Shako or the Harlequin Crest is one of the most powerful Uber Uniques in Diablo and the OP absolutely loved it.

“I was obviously ecstatic to get an Uber, but also hesitant to put it in, thinking I’d lose quite a lot of DPS without Tuskhelm. Boy was I wrong,” added the OP about the Harlequin Crest. They mentioned how they were “face-tanking” any attack without losing any significant amount of health in Diablo 4.

“Cleared several T90s in no time and got frisky even running a T94 Ink-Vault, cleared it with ease,” continued the OP as they felt “pretty much invincible” after getting the Shako as a drop in Diablo 4. Some even praised their luck as they congratulated the OP for getting the item.

After the OP got a commendable drop, some players were sharing their experiences with low drop rates as they claimed: “I have little luck getting Ubers. Through two seasons, I have had one Uber drop, and it was [the] Ring of Starless Skies, which I don’t even use in my HOTA build.”

Before Season 2, Uber Unique drop rates were much lower in Diablo 4 as some considered them to be less than even 1%. However, in the Season of Blood patch, Blizzard have significantly increased the chance of getting an Uber Unique drop, and with continuous grinding, many have even got some.

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