These Diablo 4 seasonal items need to stick around after Season 4

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Season 4 blacksmith

Diablo 4 quite literally rejuvenated its fanbase after the release of Season 4: Loot Reborn as it broke its player count record on Steam. This is due to the introduction of some new mechanics, and Blizzard should keep them in the game permanently.

One of the best seasonal additions has to be the Profane Mindcage Elixir, which increases the levels of monsters during Helltides by 10, making them more rewarding to kill. With each and every Diablo 4 build turning out to be quite powerful in S4, disposing of hordes of buffed monsters should still be light work.

In addition to the Profane Mindcage, other seasonal Elixirs have been a fresh touch to the consumable system too, as players have been using them quite frequently compared to previous seasons. The Elixirs of Holy Bolts and Momentum have been great inclusions in Season 4.

However, as these are seasonal additions, they will not be carried over to the base game, and other upcoming seasons. During the PTR, Blizzard confirmed that Profane Mindcage will only be available until the end of Season 4.

Profane Mindcage elixir Diablo 4 Season 4
Profane Mindcage is one of the best Elixirs for leveling.

These items have been heaven-sent for many players who wanted more XP and loot, to level up their characters. Profane Mindcage’s XP buff has been significant in power-leveling characters in S4 where almost the entire content was based on Helltides.

On the other hand, the seasonal Elixirs were pretty handy as well, as Holy Bolts took care of minor crowd control and Momentum increased Movement Speed.

Reddit user ‘Mighty_Oakk’ posted about this too, in the Diablo 4 subreddit, as they claimed “the game would be better” if Blizzard made these items permanent. Others were on the same page, as one of them added that “it’s gonna hurt,” losing Profane Mindcage and other Elixirs after Season 4.

With Season 4 coming to a close, players should get ready for the upcoming Season 5 and Vessel of Hatred expansion, and hope that Blizzard release alternatives to these Elixirs in the future as well.