Diablo 4 players call out devs for relying on “stupid gimmicks” in Season 3

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 character after the lilith boss fight

It seems like Diablo 4 has not achieved the desired start to Season 3, as players all over the community are slamming the new mechanics such as the pets and traps.

Diablo 4 Season 3 has finally been released with several new enhancements and additions such as The Gauntlet, Vaults, and Seneschal Companions. However, the fans are not entirely happy with them as many consider the Vaults to be a misfit in the ARPG.

Although the devs have tried numerous times to fix several issues in the past seasons, it seems like the community has not accepted Season of the Construct with open arms. From the Vaults to the Seneschal Constructs, the community has been slamming almost everything Season 3 offers.

Players like Reddit user ‘juicyjvoice’ were quite vocal about the issues just hours after launch, as they said the devs were “making players do everything except kill more monsters” after their first Season 3 experience.

“The stupid dungeon objectives, traps on levers, now the seasonal content is just a few recycled dungeons with traps in them. And an ineffective robot,” continued the OP. They added that the devs were increasing the time spent in Dungeons by using “stupid gimmicks” like the traps.

The OP wasn’t the only one furious with Diablo 4 Season 3, as many others claimed that the devs “fail to realize” that D4 is all about killing monsters. Others claimed the game took the “worst part” of Path of Exile and turned it into the whole Season 3.

Complaints about the traps and Seneschal Constructs have been flooding the internet, as almost every Diablo 4 player is against the implementation of these new additions. Some even claimed that the devs “do not understand” how to design ARPGs like D4.

Blizzard are yet to address this issue explicitly but have always paid heed to community feedback. This is why the players would love to see a patch deployed addressing this issue in the near future.

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