Diablo 4: How to complete The Swamp’s Protection quest

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Sometimes Wanderers need to level up before facing the next challenge in Diablo 4. The Swamp’s Protection is a good side quest to earn some needed XP while embarking on an interesting story. Here’s everything you need to find The Swamp’s Protection mission.

Part of the beauty of Diablo 4 is solving side quests and experiencing what is happening in a world desolated by demons. There’s lots of lore to find while we’re grinding for experience, although some quests are hard to locate in the vast territory of Sanctuary. This is the case with The Swamp’s Protection, an easy mission to complete, but that isn’t available at the beginning of the campaign.

Even though it might seem unremarkable at first, this side quest can be tricky to solve since there’ll be hordes of demons attacking players while trying to walk from one point to the other. But don’t worry: we’ll give you a heads up on what to expect in The Swamp’s Protection quest in Diablo 4.

How to find The Swamp’s Protection in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 The Swamp's Protection side quest locationBlizzard
The side quest is at the west limit of Hawezar.

The Swamp’s Protection side quest will become available when starting Act 4 of Diablo 4‘s main campaign. You should look for a house in a remote location to the west of Hawezar, where a woman named Timue lives.

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She’ll tell you that she’s trying to visit their neighbors who are infected with a mysterious disease and ask you to take her supplies and herbs to help them. Once finished this interaction, The Swamp’s Protection quest will begin.

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How to complete The Swamp’s Protection in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 swamp concept artBlizzard
Diablo 4’s swamps are filled with demons and infected humans.

In order to get Timue’s supplies, you’ll have to open the chest right behind her. Once you have everything, you’ll have to search in the areas that are marked by blue circles on the map. Keep in mind that Timue’s neighbors live in zones riddled with monsters, demons, and some swamp creatures that will follow you wherever you go.

You’ll find Duraya in the central area, Baridan in the western area, and finally, Raldin in the north of Timue’s Hovel. Once you finish delivering all the supplies, Raldin will tell you that some bandits have kidnapped his brother and will ask you to look for him in their camp.

Some users have reported a bug when finding the bandit’s camp in The Swap’s Protection quest. If you’ve arrived there and there are no happy bandits to attack you, you can easily fix the mission by leaving the area, clearing a dungeon or cellar, and then returning to the camp.

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Once you kill all the bandits, you’ll have to return to Timue’s Hovel and interact with her to earn the reward for the mission.

And there you have it, how to finish The Swamp’s Protection quest without dying while trying. If you want to check some other guides on how to finish Diablo 4 missions, here are some recommendations:

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