How to play Counter-Strike 2 beta Limited Test: CSGO 2 playtest release date & selection

Counter-Strike 2 artwork

Valve finally revealed the existence of Counter-Strike 2, which is slated for a Summer 2023 release. Die-hard fans of the franchise will be eager to try the CSGO 2 beta, so here’s how to play the Counter-Strike 2 playtest.

The long-awaited next chapter of the CSGO franchise is right around the corner as Valve officially pulled back the curtain on Counter-Strike 2. The next chapter is set to overhaul existing maps, graphics, and features, all while bringing new content to the title.

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Many are touting GTA 6 as the most highly anticipated upcoming video game release, but for fans of competitive FPS games, there’s no doubt that Counter-Strike 2 is as big as it gets.

Luckily, Valve are allowing players to try Counter-Strike 2 early via a beta playtest, so here’s how to play the CSGO 2 Limited Test.

When is the Counter-Strike 2 beta playtest?

The Counter-Strike 2 beta Limited Test started on March 22, 2023. On the same day that players got their first look at what’s to come in the next chapter of the FPS franchise, the CSGO 2 playtest went live.

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The official release window for Counter-Strike 2 is slated for the Summer of 2023. With the Summer 2023 release date in mind, it’s expected that the Counter-Strike 2 beta playtest will be available until the game’s launch.

The devs plan to continuously release new features, maps, and modes in the playtest leading up to the release of CS 2.

How to access CSGO 2 Limited Test

Counter-Strike fans must be invited to play the CSGO 2 beta Limited Test. There is no way to sign up and only those who receive an invitation can test out an early iteration of Counter-Strike 2.

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According to the devs, there are several requirements that factor into your chances of being selected for the beta including, “recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing.”

Those lucky enough to get chosen to partake in the Counter-Strike 2 playtest will receive a notification on the CSGO main menu.

To access the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test following the notification, you need to then select “Enroll” and download the beta. Once the download is complete, you’ll need to launch CSGO and select “Limited Test” from the menu to get your first taste of Counter-Strike 2.

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If you don’t get an invite straight away, there’s no need to worry, as the devs confirmed that more players will be added to the Limited Test over time. Don’t lose hope and continue checking the Counter-Strike menu regularly.

Players may also want to note that the Counter-Strike 2 playtest is only available on Windows. Users on Linux or macOS will not have access to the beta.

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Image Credit: Valve

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