Every confirmed map in Counter-Strike 2: Map changes explained

Mirage map Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 will deliver fan-favorite maps that longtime CSGO fans have come to know and love. Thanks to Source 2, classic maps are set to arrive with plenty of upgrades and changes, so here’s every confirmed map in Counter-Strike 2.

After rumors began to swirl about the next chapter of the Counter-Strike franchise, Valve revealed that Counter-Strike 2 is officially set for a Summer 2023 release.

Counter-Strike 2 will look to improve on everything that made Counter-Strike one of the most popular and well-liked FPS titles in the world. Thanks to the Source 2 engine, Counter-Strike 2 will look and feel like a modern game.

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Valve outlined what these improvements will entail and players can expect visual and dynamic changes to maps in CSGO 2. To get you ready, let’s take a look at every confirmed map in Counter-Strike 2.

All Counter-Strike 2 maps

  • Nuke
  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Train
  • Overpass
  • Cobblestone
  • Inferno
  • Ancient
  • Tuscan
  • Italy
  • Baggage
Nuke’s A site takes advantage of Source 2 rendering in Counter-Strike 2.

Players got their first look at the overhauled Counter-Strike 2 maps in Valve’s reveal blog. The blog features a visual representation of some of the graphic and lighting upgrades you can expect when jumping into Counter-Strike 2.

To create the above list of confirmed maps, we utilized the blog as well as a video highlighting the map changes. Some of the maps in the list above were spotted in the video.

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When it comes to Counter-Strike 2 maps that have yet to be confirmed or spotted, the list includes Cache, Vertigo, Anubis, Dust, Office, Agency, Assault, and Aztec.

We’ll keep you posted as more maps are added to the pool of confirmed battlegrounds in Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 map changes explained

Valve split the Counter-Strike 2 map changes into three categories: touchstone, upgrades, and overhauls. We’ll break down what these categories represent to get a better idea of what to expect in CSGO 2.

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When it comes to touchstone maps, these are the classics that bear the fewest changes and alterations. Dust II is classified as a touchstone map in Counter-Strike 2. The devs felt that these maps already had “solid foundations,” and did not require major changes aside from the standard lighting improvements.

Upgrade maps go slightly beyond touchstone maps by using Source 2 to drastically alter the lighting in certain areas as well as reflections across the maps. According to the devs, Source 2’s physically based rendering system has produced “realistic materials, lighting, and reflections.”

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Those classified as Counter-Strike 2’s overhaul maps have gone through the most changes and players will have plenty of alterations to get accustomed to. As the classification suggests, overhaul maps have been “fully rebuilt from the ground up.”

This goes beyond standard lighting change to fully utilize Source 2 tools for rendering new features that hardcore fans of the franchise are sure to notice.

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Image Credit: Valve

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