Every map in CS2: Map changes explained

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Mirage map Counter-Strike 2

CS2 will deliver fan-favorite maps that longtime CSGO fans have come to know and love. Thanks to Source 2, classic maps are set to arrive with plenty of upgrades and changes, so here’s every confirmed map in Counter-Strike 2.

CS2, Valve’s latest chapter in the Counter-Strike series, is finally out of limited-test beta and is now open for everyone to enjoy. The sequel not only brings brand new content to the game such as the Premier mode, but also features substantial upgrades over CS:GO thanks to the new Source 2 engine.

One of these upgrades is in maps which players got their first look at in Valve’s reveal blog which categories the changes into 3 parts.

On that note, let’s take a look at every map in CS2 and what changes each of them went through.

Comparison between Overpass map in CS2 and CS:GO.
The Source 2 engine used in Counter-Strike 2 brings a lot of visual changes to the game.

CS2 map changes explained

Valve split the CS22 map changes into three categories: touchstone, upgrades, and overhauls. We’ll break down what these categories represent to get a better idea of what to expect in CSGO 2.

When it comes to touchstone maps, these are the classics that bear the fewest changes and alterations. Dust II is classified as a touchstone map in Counter-Strike 2. The devs felt that these maps already had “solid foundations,” and did not require major changes aside from the standard lighting improvements.

Upgrade maps go slightly beyond touchstone maps by using Source 2 to drastically alter the lighting in certain areas as well as reflections across the maps. According to the devs, Source 2’s physically based rendering system has produced “realistic materials, lighting, and reflections.”

Those classified as Counter-Strike 2’s overhaul maps have gone through the most changes and players will have plenty of alterations to get accustomed to. As the classification suggests, overhaul maps have been “fully rebuilt from the ground up.”

This goes beyond standard lighting change to fully utilize Source 2 tools for rendering new features that hardcore fans of the franchise are sure to notice.

All CS2 maps

Here are all the maps in CS2, available in various modes:


The Mirage map in Counter-Strike 2.
Mirage is themed like a Middle Eastern town with Moroccan architecture.

Counter-Strike 2 features the Mirage map that fans love and adore. It was first created for esports in the Cyberathlete Professional League in CS 1.6 and now has become a regular feature in Counter-Strike. It’s the only map that has been used in every single CS major since it came out. So it’s not a surprise to see it in CS2.

Mirage is known as a Touchstone map, with its most noticeable updates being in its lighting. Everything else remains the same.


Overpass map in Counter-Strike 2.
The name of the park in Overpass is “Parkanlage Schöneck.”

One of the most distinctive maps in CS2 is Overpass. Although it was specifically created for CSGO, it hasn’t been left out in the transition to the sequel.

Known as an Overhaul map, Overpass underwent a total makeover from the base up, including changes to textures, lighting, structures, and even gameplay.


In Vertigo, the conflict is centered around an incomplete skyscraper.

Included in the limited test beta, Vertigo is another map appearing in Counter-Strike 2 along with Overpass. But given it’s only a Touchstone map, it doesn’t have any major changes except for lighting, similar to Dust II.


Ancient map in Counter-Strike 2.
It is theorized that Ancient began as a remake of the map Aztec.

Considered a successor to Aztec, CS2’s Ancient map is one of the many maps in the Competitive mode. Despite being met with controversy and disappointment when it was first introduced, the map has made its way into the sequel with various upgrades.

Its most significant enhancements are in the form of new lighting physics and textures specifically designed for the map.


Inferno map in Counter-Strike 2.
The crates on A-Site have Casa Auty written on them, a reference to Inferno’s creator, Chris Auty.

Inferno in CS2 is one of the most iconic maps in the Counter-Strike series and fans will be pleased to know that it is also a part of the Competitive mode. While it maintains its familiar layout, almost every other aspect has been completely revamped.

The church has undergone a full restoration, a roof now covers the banana area, and the T spawn area has been entirely redesigned, among other changes.


Nuke map in Counter-Strike 2.
Nuke’s A site takes advantage of Source 2 rendering in Counter-Strike 2.

A staple in competitive play since CS 1.6, Nuke in Counter-Strike 2 continues to hold its place. This classic map remains largely as players remember and love it but they will notice several visual upgrades.

Nuke falls under the category of an Upgrade map. Its most substantial updates are in the form of new lighting physics and textures specifically designed for the map.


Anubis map in Counter-Strike 2.
Despite being a community-made map, Anubis is now managed and owned by Valve.

Anubis, the most recent addition to the Competitive map pool in CS: GO, has been fully rebuilt for Counter-Strike 2.

While Valve hasn’t provided specific details, it seems to be an upgrade, evident from the new water effects. There’s now water in places where it wasn’t before, such as near the pillar on the A bombsite.

Dust 2

Dust 2 map in Counter-Strike 2.
Dust 2 has had several appearances in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Also included in the limited-test beta, Dust 2 was bound to make it in CS2 as it is the most iconic map of the franchise. The players’ familiarity with the map layout serves as an excellent measure of the new gameplay additions and features of CS2.

However, some players have pointed out that Dust 2 doesn’t have many reflective surfaces or other areas that fully utilize the graphical capabilities of Source 2.


Office map in Counter-Strike 2.
Office is set in the winter in an office building with parking areas and outside yards.

CS2’s Office is not only a legendary map from CS:GO, but also the first map in the game in which you don’t defuse a bomb. It might be less known to newer players as it’s a hostage map. However, there was a time when hostage was the preferred game mode in CS, before defusal became dominant.

This map has been updated with new paint and lighting, but it hasn’t been completely overhauled like some other maps in CS2


Italy map in Counter-Strike 2.
Italy is filled with narrow passageways and includes an iconic marketplace.

Coming at the end of the limited-test beta, Counter-Strike 2’s Italy map, a classic in CS, is now available to play in Deathmatch.

Italy has had a complete rebuild from the ground up, and it’s a stunning look at this locale with all the high changes the Source 2 engine brings to the game.

That all about every map in Counter-Strike 2. For more on the game have a look at:

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