Can you play Counter-Strike 2 on console? Is there a PlayStation & Xbox version?

Counter-Strike 2 characters holding weapons

The reveal of Counter-Strike 2 delighted FPS fans around the world, but will console players be able to access the legendary shooter’s sequel? Here’s everything we know about Counter-Strike 2 on PlayStation and Xbox.

After CSGO dominated the FPS scene for over a decade, Valve have finally revealed the next chapter in the groundbreaking shooter series. Counter-Strike 2 is set to arrive this summer, with a beta playtest already underway.

While PC users will be more concerned about the skins they’ve earned in the last 11 years carrying over, console players will be wondering if they can play Counter-Strike 2 as well when it arrives.

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Here’s everything we know about Counter-Strike 2 on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Is Counter-Strike 2 on console?

If you’re a PlayStation or Xbox gamer, there is currently no way for you to play Counter-Strike 2. The CS2 beta playtest is only available to PC players, and even Linux and MacOS owners are unable to access the early build of the game.

Valve are only letting a handful of players experience Counter-Strike 2 in its current form, as only those lucky enough to be invited are allowed to play the sequel at this stage.

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Will Counter-Strike 2 be on PlayStation & Xbox?

Counter-Strike 2 artworkFans have been waiting for Counter-Strike 2 for over a decade.

As it stands, Counter-Strike 2 will not be on PlayStation or Xbox when it arrives in the summer of 2023. The sequel is set to be a PC-exclusive when it first launches, with no word at the moment on whether or not a console port is in development.

Although CSGO did release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012, it is mostly thought of as a PC game, as this is where the majority of its audience chose to play.

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This was partly because the game seemed to play better when using a mouse and keyboard over a controller. Counter-Strike’s gameplay revolves around fast reflexes and accurate gunplay, which is far easier to achieve on a mouse and keyboard.

Valve hasn’t ruled out a PlayStation and Xbox version of Counter-Strike 2, so there’s every chance it will arrive on console later down the line, once the game has received a handful of updates to iron out any early issues.

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However, at launch, console players will have to rely on watching streamers and esports events to get their fill of Counter-Strike 2.

We’ll be sure to update this page with any future announcements about Counter-Strike 2 on console.

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