How many people play CS2? Counter-Strike 2 May 2024 player count

Stephanie Zucarelli
Counter-Strike Terrorists

Counter-Strike 2 is far by the most played game on Steam, so if you’re looking to find out its player count in May 2024, here’s all you need to know.

While Counter-Strike 2 is the top-played game on Steam, it also has the highest-peak players and most hours played.

That said, if you’re wondering how many players are playing CS2 in May 2024, we’ve got you covered below.

CS2 player count in March 2024

According to SteamCharts, CS2 has had a daily average of 938,847 players during the April to May period. The game has also gained more than 8000 daily active players in the last 30 days.

Terrorist in CS2 firing AK-47 in Overpass's B Site
CS2 has significantly improved player visibility, thanks to Source 2.

What is CS2’s peak player count on Steam?

CS2’s peak player count from April to May 2024 was 1,604,512. Additionally, Counter-Strike 2 peaked at 1,802,853 concurrent players in May 2023, while the game was still in beta. The franchise has had over a million peak players every month since August 2022.

Counter-Strike 2 always boasts an impressive number of concurrent players, comfortably making it to the top three of the Steam Charts every day.

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