Can you play CS2 left hand? Counter-Strike 2 ViewModel explained

counter strike 2 player inspecting an assault rifleValve

The CSGO left-hand Viewmodel was useful on many occasions, especially when clearing angles blocked by the model’s right hand. With millions of players jumping into CS2 from CS:GO, many are curious as to how they can switch their Viewmodel from right to left, so here’s everything to know.

Counter-Strike 2 is thriving as it continues to maintain the highest number of active players on SteamDB since its release. Players are experiencing the tactical shooter in the Source 2 engine, which is a major upgrade from CS:GO. While a few maps have been overhauled, the core gameplay has remained the same in the latest title.

In CSGO, players were able to switch their Viewmodels to make their characters hold the weapon in the left or right hand. This was quite useful for left-handed players as well as players who liked to switch and see more on the screen if the right-hand Viewmodel blocked parts of the game screen.

If you want to have a similar ViewModel in CS2, here’s everything to know about switch your Viewmodel to the left in the game.

CS2 player shooting a CT on Inferno mapValve
Viewmodels can block a big part of your screen and switching from right to left can be helpful in certain situations.

Can you change to left hand in CS2?

No, you cannot change your Viewmodel to left in CS2. The command to change to the left Viewmodel does not work right now.

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In CS:GO, players could input “cl_righthand 0” in the command prompt box and their Viewmodel would change from right to left. Replacing the “0” with a “1” would switch the view from left to right again.

However, inputting this command in Counter-Strike 2 does not work, so left-handed players or just those who like to use this trick to gain an advantage will have to wait for the devs to add this option.

Whether Valve decides to add this feature into the game with future updates remains to be seen. We’ll make sure to provide an update here if the devs decide to bring back the left-hand Viewmodel for CS2.

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