What is Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies?

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MW3 Zombies is an action-packed mode in which you face hordes of zombies while solving the mystery behind Urzikstan and the Dark Aether dimension. If you are wondering how you can kill them faster, here’s everything you need to know about Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies features a long list of story missions that you can complete. While some are straightforward, such as opening Loot Caches, completing Contracts, and getting kills with certain mods, others can be slightly confusing, especially if you’re unaware of the terminology.

With that said, if you’re wondering what Toxic Damage is in MW3 Zombies, here’s everything you need to know so that you can get your challenges completed with no hassle.

MW3 Zombies Toxic Damage explained

Toxic Damage is a status effect in MW3 Zombies. You can do Toxic Damage through the Experimental Gas Tactical or the Brain Rot Ammo Mod.

Simply throw an Experimental Gas grenade into a group of MW3 Zombies and keep them in the gas in order to do as much damage as possible. If you choose to use the Brain Rot Ammo Mod, kill as many zombies as you can with the mod and those affected by the status will go around killing other zombies and then die themselves, which counts towards your Toxic Damage challenge.

MW3 Zombies squads
In MW3 Zombies you can use the Experimental Gas to do Toxic Damage.

If you’re wondering how to get an Experimental Gas Tactical or the Brain Rot Ammo Mod, here are all the details you need:

How to get Experimental Gas in MW3 Zombies

To get Experimental Gas in MW3 Zombies, you must either find it in-game through looting or, once you reach Rank 18 and complete five daily challenges, you can equip the Experimental Gas as your Tactical item in your Gear loadout before starting a match.

How to get Brain Rot Ammo Mod in MW3 Zombies

Brain Rot in MW3 Zombies can be found in-game as either loot or as a reward for completing Contracts. If you are lucky enough to find a Brain Rot Ammo Mod, Crafting Schematic will be able to craft the mod every 3 hours.

Well, there you have it, that was everything you need to know about Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies, including how to get the tools needed to complete the challenge. For more guides, check out:

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