MW3 Zombies leak reveals exfil streak rewards

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A new MW3 leak revealed a potential exfil streak reward system for the new Zombies mode. Here’s all there is to know about the leak, as well as every exfil streak reward in MW3 Zombies.

In MW3 Zombies players need to exfil from Urzikstan before taking any valuable loot home. It seems a new leak revealed that exfil streak rewards are coming to MW3 Zombies, so regular players of this mode have something new to look forward to.

Having an exfil streak means successfully exfiling from the map in different matches without failing. So it not only means taking some contraband back but also managing to call an exfil and complete it without dying in the process.

Here’s every leaked exfil streak reward in MW3 Zombies.

Successful exfil in MW3 Zombies
Once you complete a series of exfils, the new leak shows that players will receive rewards.

Every leaked exfil reward in MW3 Zombies

According to the MWIIINTEL X account, a new exfil streak reward system is coming to MW3 Zombies, with a total of 10 successful consecutive exfil rewards available:

  1. Start the next match with 500 Essence
  2. Start the next match with 5 Armor Plates
  3. Start the next match with 1000 Essence
  4. 30% Discount at Perk Machines
  5. Start the next match with 1500 Essence
  6. A reward increase in Contract Payouts
  7. Start the next match with 2500 Essence
  8. 50% Discount at Mystery Box
  9. Start the next match with 5000 Essence
  10. 20% Discount at Pack-a-Punch

To obtain these leaked exfil streak rewards, you will need to head over to an exfil site and interact with the green smoke to call the extraction chopper. This will count as a successful exfil for the streak.

If this leaked exfil streak reward system is similar to what players experienced with DMZ, you might need to finish a contract for it to count toward the rewards list. Remember that once you get into Urzikstan you will have 45 minutes to complete any activities and call the chopper.

Dying in MW3 Zombies or failing the exfil would potentially reset the streak, so if this system is actually coming to Zombies, you should be careful and look for low-level Threat Zone exfil sites.

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