Warzone devs crack down on boosting service giving free SR in bot lobbies

Nathan Warby
Warzone Ranked Play Operators aiming

Warzone Ranked players are always looking for a quick and easy way to climb the Skill Divisions, and a boosting service is handing out free wins by hacking lobbies and filling them full of bots, prompting a response from Activision.

Warzone Resurgence Ranked Play arrived at the start of Season 2, and ever since players have been hard at work grinding their way through the Skill Divisions. But, players have discovered that a cheat service is boosting players up the leaderboards and into the Top 250, providing them with huge SR rewards by placing them in lobbies full of bots.

Activision later responded to the issue in an X (formerly Twitter) post, saying, “On Boosting Lobbies: Artificially inflating SR won’t be permitted. Accounts engaging in this behavior will be banned. We will consider all available technical and legal options for shutting these illicit services down.”

In a clip posted by ‘OMiT Brax’ that has been circulating social media, players can be seen racking up high-kill games by taking down tons of enemies who don’t move or put up a fight, essentially handing out free wins with no resistance.

Given that the number of kills you and your squad earn, paired with the final placement, are two of the biggest factors in deciding the SR rewards at the end of a match, the player in the clip was able to earn a massive 500 SR in just one game.

OMiT Brax followed up this clip with a look at the stats behind some of the players in the Top 250 for Warzone Ranked Play. They found that some players were in the upper echelons of the leaderboards, despite only taking part in a handful of matches.

It isn’t clear exactly how the hackers behind this service are creating the bot lobbies, but a number of players reported trying it and claimed it worked, despite the game’s RICOCHET anti-cheat being active in Ranked.

But those using the boosting service will be hit with bans that prevent them from playing in the future, while they look to prevent the providers from causing any more issues. However, we’ll have to wait and see how quickly they are able to take action.