Warzone players slam “worst” anti-cheat as hackers continue to steal wins

Joseph Pascoulis
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Cheaters are continuing to plague Warzone lobbies and steal wins from players, leading to the community questioning the effectiveness of CoD’s anti-cheat.

Warzone has entered its second season under MW3, and while players seem to be enjoying the faster movement, gun variety, and return of Fortune’s Keep, hackers and cheaters continue to plague lobbies.

CoD’s anti-cheat, RICOCHET, has introduced numerous ways to stop players from hacking and cheating, but the war between the two factions goes on, as illegitimate players are still stealing wins from honest ones.

This is leading to some pretty strong opinions regarding Warzone’s anti-cheat. In fact, under a Reddit post that highlighted cheaters in Warzone stealing a win by sending a helicopter “out of the atmosphere” to avoid the gas, many are asking how this is “even possible with Ricochet.”

In response, one comment even labeled RICOCHET as “one of the worst anti cheats on the market,” as they explained that there are still “multiple cheat providers that have not been detected so far for the entire life time of Warzone 2.”

In agreement, one Warzone player said, “Ricochet can’t do its job,” while another described the anti-cheat as “a glorified flagging system and PR stunt.”

One user even claimed that they “believe Ricochet isn’t real,” as they agreed that they also think it’s just a marketing ploy: “It’s just a branding gimmick meant to convince us they’re doing something when they’re not.”

The anti-cheat slander continued on under the Reddit post, as many seem fed up with hackers in Warzone and feel that RICOCHET is a “scam.”

Players will hope the situation eases and they can enjoy Warzone without cheaters stealing their wins, but the battle between hackers and devs will likely never end, and all CoD can do is try their best to improve measures to detect and ban them.

Who knows, perhaps the devs are working to improve their anti-cheat for the Season 2 Reloaded update, or perhaps the Activision lay-offs have taken a hit to RICOCHET.

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