Warzone cheat gives mouse & keyboard players aim assist without being banned

Liam Mackay
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The mouse and keyboard versus controller debate rages on in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, but it turns out there’s software giving PC players the best of both worlds, getting aim assist on a mouse.

Cheating comes in many forms, from players using wallhacks and aimbot for easy kills to those using under-the-map exploits. Usually, these bad actors get caught and banned, but popular YouTuber JackFrags has highlighted a way to cheat that’s flying under the radar.

In a January 7 video, JackFrags discussed the ‘reWASD’ software that spoofs the game into thinking that a mouse and keyboard is a controller. This is an emulator that lets you use different controllers for different games, but it’s harming multiplayer games like Warzone.

Not only does reWASD allow mouse and keyboard players to queue into primarily controller lobbies, but it actually lets them use aim assist with a mouse.

Aim assist has long been a controversial topic since crossplay became the standard, with mouse and keyboard players claiming it’s too powerful, but controller players feel it’s necessary to keep an even playing field.

Either way, a mouse and keyboard with aim assist is the best of both worlds and will be completely overpowered. To make matters worse, reWASD also includes no recoil scripts for certain weapons, giving the same benefit as third-party devices like the Cronus Zen.

It’s not just Call of Duty that’s been affected either, JackFrags became aware of it through a The Finals video, so the method has likely bled into other games with strong aim assist like Apex Legends without ever being detected.

This is mainly because it isn’t being flagged by the anti-cheat, and so players think that it’s safe to use. While you might not be banned straightaway, Activision have been working to catch third-party hardware like Cronus so it might just be a matter of time, and JackFrags worries it could be retroactively flagged as cheating.

Either way, you’ll likely risk an influx of reports which could lead to a shadow ban while your account is being investigated.

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