Warzone players celebrate as devs crack down on mouse & keyboard aim assist cheat

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Operator aiming an SMG

After plaguing MW3 and Warzone lobbies, Call of Duty’s anti-cheat can now detect players using the aim assist exploit on mouse and keyboard.

Aim assist has always been a controversial topic when it comes to Call of Duty, and the discourse has continued since MW3 and Warzone‘s launch.

Mouse and keyboard players have always felt hard done by when they come into contact with controller players, feeling as if aim assist is unfair.

That said, an exploit that allowed MW3 and Warzone players to get aim assist on their mouse and keyboard had been running rampant since its discovery, making it ridiculously easy for players to track and kill targets.

However, the fun is now over, as Call of Duty officially announced that the RICOCHET anti-cheat system can now detect players taking advantage of this mouse and keyboard aim assist exploit as of January 16, 2024, leading to some celebration in the community.

MW3 & Warzone anti-cheat now detects M&K aim assist exploit

The X post revealed that your application will close if they detect any tools that “activate aim assist while using a mouse and keyboard.”

In the replies, many expressed their elation, as TheMW2Ghost said, “Phat W!,” while another comment read, “Huge W!.”

That said, some felt that the players using this exploit should get a ban instead of just closing their application. “Why not just ban them also,” said one player, while popular streamer IceManIsaac shared a similar sentiment, “Why aren’t cheaters banned/suspended immediately?”

Despite the disagreement in punishment, the celebrations even extended to Reddit, as under a post highlighting CODUpdates’ X post, one comment said, “It’s amazing how quickly this has been addressed,” while another replied, “Hopefully the implementation actually works properly, if so I’m super impressed.”

We’ll have to wait and see how effective this RICOCHET security measure is throughout Season 1 Reloaded. For now, check out when Ranked Play will be coming to MW3.

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