Warzone players claim Cronus block is already leveling the playing field

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Operator in Gulag

PlayStation players received positive news to start the year as Sony issued an update that blocks Cronus devices from working, impacting Call of Duty titles like Warzone and MW3. Players already seem to be reaping the rewards from the change.

Despite Call of Duty’s RICOCHET anti-cheat identifying and banning cheaters in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, claims of cheaters ruining matches in both titles have been ever present since the start of the new year.

While RICOCHET’s effectiveness at catching cheaters using wall hacks or aimbot has never been in question, there are cheats of the subtle variety that could prove difficult to detect. The use of Cronus devices to alter player aim with micro-adjustments has been one such cheat in Warzone.

However, on January 24, Sony’s new System Software update disabled the ability to use Cronus software on the PS5 console. With some unable to use the external device to achieve no recoil or overpowered aim assist, players have been overjoyed with the results, taking to Reddit to discuss the positive impact.

The OP of the above post explained how their experience already changed in such a short time following the block: “Me and my boys got 3 dubs in a row in resurgence quads last night… This has NEVER happened for us before! We’d maybe get 1 dub, or maybe 2 dubs after a couple hours, but never back-to-back, let alone 3!”

They were extremely pleased with the new level playing field and after hoping that “it’s not just a placebo,” they asked if “anyone else seeing a difference already?”

Players with similar Warzone experiences following the block to Cronus devices quickly chimed in: “Yea. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Funny enough I also had my first win yesterday. What a coincidence huh?”

Some also pointed to a noticeable difference after their deaths in Warzone: “Watching back killcams, I felt every death I got was a result of the opp player winning the gunfight straight up.”

While PlayStation players were overjoyed with the changes, those on Xbox called on Microsoft to follow suit: “Lets see if xbox will do the same. Yesterday must have been the best to play call of duty in a good while.”

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