Warzone cheaters infest console-only lobbies with hacked loadouts

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone season 2 operators key art

Warzone players on PS5 may try to avoid hackers by turning off crossplay, however, it seems like even that isn’t stopping the cheaters from ruining lobbies.

Call of Duty is certainly not immune to hackers, as illegitimate players have been plaguing multiplayer lobbies for several years. The problem persists in Warzone battle royale, despite the dev’s best efforts in combating hackers with the RICOCHET anti-cheat system.

Cheaters in Warzone can take various forms, and while it’s difficult to avoid them on PC, console players can turn off crossplay, which is a great preventative method of reducing the chance of getting hackers in your lobby, at least many thought it was.

Battle royale players have shared experiences with hackers in Warzone lobbies with crossplay turned off, as Reddit user ‘silverhawk77’ shared a clip of them being killed by a team with one-shot Riot Shields on PS5.

“Team with Riot shields running at max speed and one hitting people. This is in a PS5 Crossplay off lobby,” said the OP.

The team who killed them can be seen running at max speed and killing others with ease by just hitting them once with a Riot Shield, regardless of how much armor or health they have.

The OP was extremely surprised to see cheaters like this on Warzone PS5 lobbies with crossplay off, as they asked, “how is this even possible?”

According to a player in the comments, the hackers may have used a “cheating tool on PC to inject a speed perk and a one hit kill perk to their classes…then they boot their consoles and their class is there, and since you can’t get shadowbanned on console, they can just use it for as long as they want.”

“The lengths people will go to (and the money they will spend) in order to cheat in multiplayer games never ceases to amaze me,” said another.

Some have experienced this before: “I always knew there were still hackers in non crossplay console lobbies. I’ve experienced it playing Xbox with crossplay off and bet cheaters exploit the game by playing against inferior players in console lobbies. Absolute scum they are.”

Players hope that RICOCHET can start identifying and banning these console hackers on Warzone as soon as possible, or, better yet, prevent cheaters from being able to save hacked PC loadouts to console. Who knows, perhaps Warzone Season 3 will introduce more updates to RICOCHET.

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