Warzone & MW3 players rejoice as Cronus disabled in PlayStation update

Aakash Regmi
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The latest PlayStation 5 update has disabled any use of Cronus on the platform, and Warzone and MW3 players are praising Sony for doing it, calling it a “massive W.”

After every update, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone continue to add more content, from guns to new maps. Sometimes, it also breaks the game completely, and on odd occasions, the game suffers from a massive influx of cheaters

Over the years, Activision’s in-house RICOCHET anti-cheat has gone through multiple updates to combat hackers. While the usual software use, like aimbot or other cheats, is easier to detect, external hardware like Cronus can be difficult to combat.

Cronus is an extended device that you connect to the controller. Once connected, you can run various scripts (code) to achieve things like no recoil or aim assist. It basically emulates them for you internally, and you don’t have to do anything. But since it is only altering the controller and not the game itself, it becomes hard for anti-cheat to spot them. 

RICOCHET anti-cheat was recently updated to detect it, but many cheaters do still slip through the net. However, Sony are taking matters into their own hands by disabling Cronus in the latest PlayStation Software Update for PS5. 

The Cronus manufacturer recently made an announcement saying PlayStation 5 is “prompting everyone to update, and if you do, Zen will no longer connect to the PS5 without disconnecting,” and asked them to “skip the update.” The manufacturer also noted that they’re looking for a solution, but they’ve “no timetable on a fix.”

Charlie Intel shared the news on X (formerly Twitter) and many players could be seen celebrating in the comments.

A user wrote, “An absolutely massive W from Sony,” and suggested others follow the same as well, “now Microsoft needs to step it up.” Many joked that this move is going to expose streamers who use the cheat: “Wonder how many streamers will randomly take the day off.” Another user said, “Some streamers gonna be finished.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, the reception is the same, a user wrote in the CODWarzone subreddit, “As a PS5 player, this is amazing.” On Reddit, too, many asked other platforms to join, “Cool now do it for PC Players and stop protecting streamers.”

Sony has neither confirmed nor denied that they’ve intentionally disabled Cronus, and in their patch details, it is not explicitly mentioned either. But with the Cronus manufacturer’s issuing notice, at least for now, it appears Cronus is no longer functional on the PlayStation 5.

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