Warzone leak hints at Rebirth Island’s long-awaited return date

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Rebirth Island

Warzone players received the fan-favorite Fortune’s Keep map in Season 2, but many are still wondering when Rebirth Island will arrive. Now, dataminers have revealed the leaked release window for Rebirth Island’s return to Warzone.

The Warzone Season 2 update was a major content drop that brought new weapons, a new Battle Pass, and the Fortune’s Keep map back to the game. Players are finally getting reacquainted with Fortune’s Keep, and they even have the new Resurgence Ranked Play mode to test out.

Despite the excitement surrounding Fortune’s Keep’s return, many Warzone players continue to question when Rebirth Island could return. Rebirth Island is without a doubt one of Warzone’s most popular maps ever, and with it being away for an extended period, players are chomping at the bit to get it back.

It turns out, Rebrith Island’s arrival in Warzone could come sooner than many may have expected. After the Season 2 update, dataminers found files related to the fan-favorite Rebirth Island map in the game.

As you can see from the post below, the references to Rebirth also include s3, indicating that Rebirth Island could be arriving with the Warzone Season 3 update.

There remains the possibility that Rebirth Island could arrive within Season 3 and not straight away when it kicks off. Nonetheless, we know that the expected start date for Warzone Season 3 is April 2, 2024. However, updates tend to arrive on Wednesdays, so April 3 is another possibility.

When the Season 2 update arrived on February 7, the Warzone and MW3 menu displayed a counter of 55 days remaining. Keep in mind that this expected date is simply speculation based on the above leaks, and until we hear an announcement from the devs, you’ll want to take this information with a pinch of salt.

Seasonal updates can be influenced by delays, so players could be made to wait a little longer for Rebirth Island’s return.

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