Warzone devs tease Fortune’s Keep return in Season 2

Luca Di Marzo
Fortune's Keep map Warzone

While Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep map is set to return in 2024, players had no clue when to expect the map. Now, it seems as though the devs are teasing the return of Fortune’s Keep in Warzone Season 2.

Urzikstan was the start of a new era for Warzone players and the map was well received when it arrived with Season 1. However, most players are craving more map variety following the news that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep would be returning in 2024.

The devs only provided a release window for the return of the two fan-favorite maps, leaving players guessing when they’d arrive. It seems the answer to that mystery could arrive sooner rather than later, at least for one of the two.

On January 29, content creators such as Majin took to social media to reveal that they received a “unique package.” The package labeled ‘Call of Duty Season 2’ can be seen in the image below and in their text teasing the package’s unboxing they used the words “Fortunate” and “Keep.”

It didn’t take long for players to put the pieces together with Activision effectively teasing the return of the Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone Season 2.

At this point, very few details are known about Fortune’s Keep return to Warzone, other than that we could expect it to arrive in Season 2. Whether that’s with the Season 2 update, currently expected on February 7, or later on during the season remains to be seen.

In addition, some players are expecting changes or tweaks to be present with this new version of Fortune’s Keep. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date if and how the map changes for its highly anticipated return.

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