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Warzone has a wide variety of perks, making choosing the perfect combination a difficult task. Luckily, CoD expert JGOD revealed the best Perks to use within the game’s Season 1.

Warzone Urzikstan is in full swing, offering players a ton of new content within the battle royale. This includes a host of weapons to unlock and level up, new modes, and events featuring a ton of free rewards.

Additionally, the game introduced an enhanced Perk system, providing players with five default Perks that remain active consistently. Additionally, players can select four extra Perks from an extensive pool.

Luckily, to avoid using “Perks that don’t actually help,” CoD expert JGOD shared a full breakdown to help players make optimal choices in selecting the best Perks in Warzone.

Best Perks for Warzone

Although the best Perk selection for Warzone will depend on the playstyle each player chooses, JGOD has made sure to find the ideal picks to improve the overall experience in Warzone, analyzing all the variables that players usually encounter within the game.

Warzone MW3 Operators
Selecting the best Perks will grant you a massive advantage when playing Warzone.

Perk Slots 1 & 2

To kick off JGOD’s pick, for the Perk Slots 1 and 2, he opted for Mountaineer, Sleight of Hand, or Double Time.

Despite it not sounding “all that great,” Mountanieer can double the amount of fall damage the player can tolerate before being lethal. JGOD highlights that, normally, falling from 13 meters would be an instant death. However, with Mountaineer, the maximum height is extended to 27 meters (with maximum health).

Although the creator highlights that the effect of Sleight of Hand can “widely vary” depending on the weapon used, the Perk can improve up to 30% or 40% the reload of certain weapons.

Double Time follows the same path, despite being one of the most popular Perks, this allows you to double the duration of the Tac Sprint. However, JGOD points out that due to the way the slide cancel works in the game – where it pauses the Tac Sprint every time you use it – this may not be as valuable.

Perk Slot 3

Although the previous choices can be quite straightforward, JGOD points out that Slot 3 is a “very competitive slot,” with Quick Fix as the forerunner, followed by Tempered, Cold-Blooded, and Survivor.

Despite Tempered and Survivor being great options since they’re available as Vests in the game, using a Perk slot for them might not be required, but in Cold-Blooded and Quick Fix cases, the advantages within Warzone are considerably more suitable, especially Quick Fix being the “general go-to.”

warzone operators in urzikstan
Warzone boasts a lot of Perks players can choose from.

Perk Slot 4

With not many options, High Alert takes Slot 4, allowing you to know through vision pulses if an enemy spots you at 100 meters. While JGOD states that Ghost and Birdseye could be useful, despite the latter being Ghost’s counter, High Alert gives you a substantial advantage while playing any mode, especially with a low player count.

Ultimately, the Perk selection will rely on each player, especially depending on the chosen playstyle. However, JGOD’s picking will undoubtedly help you accurately choose the best Perks in the game to be able to dominate and win as many matches as you like.

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