CoD devs remove Warzone’s overpowered Snakeshot attachment

Luca Di Marzo
TYR Warzone

The notorious Snakeshot attachment was running rampant in Warzone Season 1, and shortly after players begged for a timely nerf, the devs decided to remove them from the game entirely.

The Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 update arrived on December 6 and while the major content drop brought a new battle royale map, players also received a slate of new weapons to discover. The race to find the best meta weapons in Warzone was on, and the MTZ Interceptor, BAS-B, and WSP Swarm quickly surged to the top.

However, one week after the update, a notoriously broken Warzone meta returned to wreak havoc across Urzikstan. The TYR Handgun and Snakeshot attachment combination quickly became a problem as it took over the close-range meta.

Many players called out the Snakeshot build for being overpowered and begged the devs to nerf the attachment before the holiday period rolled around. Luckily, the devs were quick with a response, disabling the Snakeshots in Warzone.

Devs disable Warzone’s Snakeshot attachment

On December 15, the devs announced that the Snakeshot attachment was removed from Warzone with immediate effect. They explained that their goal is to work on a suitable nerf for the broken attachment before it makes its way back to Warzone.

While a nerf for the Snakeshot attachment didn’t arrive as requested, players will no longer have to deal with them in Warzone matches, while the devs work on an appropriate fix.

With the holidays around the corner, many players were concerned that the Snakeshot attachment would run rampant until the new year. Fortunately, this will not be the case after the devs disabled the attachment completely.

There’s no telling when they’ll return to the game, but we’ll be sure to provide any updates from the devs that may arrive before the new year.

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