Warzone expert claims you should drop classic Perk from your loadout

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operator aiming weapon on urzikstan

Warzone expert JGOD has shared some pretty telling information regarding one of the most popular Perks in the battle royale, claiming it may be a waste in your loadout.

While you may consider your weapon choice in Warzone as the most vital aspect of your loadout, Perks and Equipment are also extremely important.

When it comes to Perks, some have become staples since they have been in the game for many years. One of these iconic Perks is Sleight of Hand, which is essential for players who like to run and gun and play fast.

Sleight of Hand is an extremely popular choice for Warzone players, as the ability to reload fast is a huge benefit. However, CoD content creator and battle royale expert JGOD has revealed why he has “questions over the Perk Sleight of Hand,” explaining why you may want to stop using it in Warzone and pick something else.

According to the YouTuber, Sleight of Hands’ benefits are not as effective on certain weapons with larger magazine attachments. JGOD tested and timed different weapon reload speeds with different-sized mags, sharing a table of the percentage increase in reload speed that Sleight of Hand provides.

What the YouTuber found was that many weapons in Warzone do not benefit enough from Sleight of Hand to warrant a slot in their loadout over another Perk.

For example, the AMR 9 with the 100 round magazine attachment only sees a reload time reduction of 8.51%, which only equates to a 0.183 second increase in reload speeds. However, the HRM sees a time reduction of 38.53% when reloading with Sleight of Hand.

Further, the AMR 9 sees a reload time reduction of 30.47% with the 50 round mag, a much better result compared to the 100 round magazine, so you may want to reconsider your attachment choice too.

Depending on the weapon and attachment you’re using, you may seriously want to reconsider Sleight of Hand in your loadout if that’s a Perk you like running in Warzone, especially in Ranked Play, where you need all the advantages you can get.

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