JGOD ranks Warzone 2’s best Perk Packages after update fixes major bug

JGOD Warzone 2 Perk Packages

A Warzone 2 update has finally fixed a bug causing Ultimate Perks to malfunction. Now that Perks work as intended in Warzone 2, JGOD has revealed the best Perk Packages to use.

Warzone 2 completely flipped the script at launch when it removed the ability to personalize your Perk selection. In the new Al Mazrah era players are not able to select their set of Perks, and must instead choose from a preset combination of four Perks called a Perk Package.

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Unfortunately, a long-lasting bug had been preventing certain players from benefiting from the activation of their Ultimate Perk. Seeing as the Ultimate Perk category provides great utility, this was a major concern for players until the bug was eventually fixed on January 10.

With the troublesome bug out of the way and the Perk system finally working as intended in Warzone 2, expert JGOD took the time to highlight the best Perk Packages in the game.

JGOD’s best Warzone 2 Perk Packages

JGOD analyzed each of the Perk Packages available in Warzone 2 and gave them the following grades:

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  • Vanguard: A
    • Double Time, Bomb Squad, Resupply, High Alert
  • Commando: B
    • Scavenger, Strong Arm, Fast Hands, High Alert
  • Specter: B
    • Double Time, Tracker, Spotter, Ghost
  • Scout: C
    •  Scavenger, Strong Arm, Focus, Ghost
  • Sentinel: C
    •  Battle Hardened, Bomb Squad, Cold-Blooded, Quick Fix
  • Warden: B-
    • Double Time, Strong Arm, Fast Hands, Quick Fix
  • Weapon Specialist: D
    • Overkill, Strong Arm, Spotter, Survivor
  • Recon: B
    • Double Time, Tracker, Focus, Birdseye

It may come as shock to discover that Weapon Specialist was ranked so low considering it allows users to equip two Primary weapons with Overkill. However, JGOD explains that Overkill is no longer a meta Perk in Warzone 2 given that players can simply purchase Primary weapons from the buy station for $2,500.

According to JGOD, the ideal strategy is to select a Perk Package with one of the higher grades on his list and purchase your second Primary weapon to complete your arsenal at a Buy Station.

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Warzone 2 Specter Perk Package

To kick things off, JGOD explains that Specter is very limited in its usefulness, but Ghost and Double Time are powerful enough to see it earn a B grade. While the expert was full of praise for Double Time’s Tactical Sprint boost and Ghost’s return to form as a top Perk, he wasn’t convinced by Tracker and Spotter.

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Ultimately, only two out of the four Perks delivered enough utility, as he claims Tracker is simply “okay,” and “Spotter I think is very limited in uses where it’s going to be useful.”

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Warzone 2 Commando Perk Package

Fast Hands is the main attraction of the Commando Perk Package and JGOD compares it to Amped from Warzone 1. Amped was one of the most used Perks from the original and Fast Hands brings the same ability to swap weapons quickly along with the ability to reload faster.

Fast Hands will improve your ability to take on gunfights in quick succession. He also suggests that High Alert is nothing to scoff at as it brings a ton of value to a loadout.

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JGOD gives Commando a B grade but it could have been much higher if not, “for the fact that it doesn’t really have solid Base Perks.”

Warzone 2 Vanguard Perk Package

Vanguard is the one and only Perk Package that was deserving of an A grade according to JGOD. What makes Vanguard difficult to ignore is the well-balanced utility that each of the four Perks (Double Time, Bomb Squad, Resupply, High Alert) bring to the table.

While JGOD believes that some Perk Packages contain more powerful Perks like Ghost and Birdseye, Vanguard is one of the most well-rounded: “This is definitely one you should include in one of your Perk Packages because of the versatility with it.”

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Image Credit: Activision