Warzone devs tweak water combat in MW3 after highly-requested changes

Max Candelarezi
Warzone player aiming underwater

First introduced with Warzone 2, the next map for the game coming with Modern Warfare 3 will feature a significant emphasis on water, reintroducing water-based combat. After players’ highly-requested changes, devs have finally announced a solution to improve this type of combat.

During Call of Duty Next, a huge amount of content about Modern Warfare 3 has been revealed, including confirmation of the new Gear-based Perk system, and new features, as well as the first look at Zombies mode, and the return of fan-favorite modes.

Additionally, Call of Duty revealed details about the next chapter of Warzone that will be integrated later this year with Modern Warfare 3. The new chapter of the game will feature different modes and the brand-new map Urzikstan, which will bring water back to the free-to-play game.

MW3 Warzone water combat update explained

The integration of MW3 into Warzone will bring an update to underwater combat, providing players with a dedicated Pistol sidearm specifically for use while submerged in water. As explained by Raven in the CoD Blog, this will guarantee underwater fights to be “fair and balanced at all times.”

Since the introduction of water in Warzone 2, players have pushed for better underwater combat options to minimize vulnerability when diving in. While water has been proven useful for avoiding surprise engagements, its exposure risk has discouraged its widespread adoption in the game’s community.

Despite it’s uncertain whether players will be able to customize their dedicated Pistol sidearm in the future, Raven Software are confident this new mechanic will motivate players to venture into the water and engage with enemies, without having to think about carrying their own loadout the Pistol.

Further, some MW3 perks, such as Lightweight, will also provide improvements that will help players excel in water combat enhancing swimming speed, among other benefits within the game.

All in all, we’ll have to wait and see how the players feel when they try this underwater tweak in the game for themselves.

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