Best Akimbo Pistol loadout for Warzone 2 Season 2

Warzone 2 player using gold Akimbo Pistols

Akimbo Pistols have emerged as one of the go-to secondary weapons in Warzone 2, capable of tearing through enemies at close range. Here’s the best Akimbo Pistol loadout in Warzone 2 Season 2.

Warzone 2 players are always searching for the ideal loadout to help them secure victories. The varied layout of Al Mazrah means it’s essential to find the ideal combination of primary and secondary weapons to cover all bases.

This will often be a long-range Assault Rifle or LMG paired with a Sniper support SMG, but Akimbo Pistols have emerged as an overpowered close-range secondary for those who don’t want to waste a Perk slot using Overkill.

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With this in mind, here’s the best Akimbo Pistols loadout to run in Warzone 2 Season 2.

Best Akimbo P890 loadout attachments in Warzone 2

  • Muzzle: FT Steel Fire
  • Laser: 1mW Pistol Laser
  • Magazine: 12 Round Mag
  • Trigger Action: Bruen Express
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo P890

While Akimbo X13s were hit with a nerf in Warzone 2 Season 2 update, the P890 was left untouched, making it the meta Akimbo set up in the game right now. To make the most of them with the best loadout, you should start with the FT Seel Fire muzzle for improved range and bullet velocity.

Since this is an Akimbo class, the 1mW Pistol Laser will significantly improve your hip-fire accuracy to make sure you’re hitting shots even though you can’t ADS. Next up is the 12-Round Mags to give the P890s their maximum ammo capacity, allowing you to deal with multiple enemies before reloading.

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Then, we recommend the Bruen Express trigger action, drastically improving the fire rate and bringing the overall TTK down. Finally, and most importantly, you’ll need the Akimbo P890 rear grip to rock a Pistol in each hand.

The P890 is the best Akimbo Pistol after the nerf to the X13 Auto.

How to unlock Akimbo P890s in Warzone 2

In order to unlock the Akimbo P890s in Warzone 2, you have to use the P890 until it reaches level 26. Luckily, the Pistol itself is available right away, so you can begin leveling it up from the get-go.

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To hit the required level as soon as possible, we recommend equipping the P890 as your secondary in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (if you have access) and then throwing on some Double XP Tokens to speed up the process.

If you’re wondering how to unlock the Akimbo attachments for any of Warzone 2’s other Pistols, you can check out our guide.

Akimbo Pistols have been a contentious issue in Warzone 2, with many feeling they are too overpowered in their current state. So, don’t be surprised to see more nerfs in Season 2 Reloaded and beyond.

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We’ll be sure to keep this page up to date with the best Akimbo Pistol loadout in Warzone 2 after each change in the meta.

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