MW3 & Warzone January 31 update patch notes: Ranked killcams added, bug fixes, more

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operator in Zombies

Call of Duty released a new update bringing plenty of bug fixes for both multiplayer and Warzone, as well as major changes for Ranked Play, Zombies, and more. Here are the full patch notes for the January 31 update in MW3 and Warzone.

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone received an update on January 31 bringing several long-awaited improvements in preparation for the Season 2 update, devs introduced a new update to improve both games’ performance.

The update brought the long-awaited killcams to Ranked Play, several Warzone Champion’s Quest bug fixes, as well as multiplayer and Zombies improvements.

Check out the full patch notes for the January 31 update in MW3 and Warzone.

Killcams added to MW3 Ranked Play

MW3 Ranked Play Operators in Terminal
Killcams can be a great help for MW3 competitive players.

Since Ranked Play’s release, players have requested for killcams to be added. Luckily, after Treyarch confirmed on January 19 that they would be incorporated, killcams have arrived in Ranked Play allowing players to gather information upon being eliminated in MW3’s competitive mode.



  • Resolved an obstruction of the player’s view while aiming down the sight of The Broker PDSW 528 Blueprint.



  • Bug Fixes
    • Equipping a Calling Card will no longer reset the active selection to the top of the list.
    • Favoriting and Filtering Calling Cards will no longer unexpectedly kick the player back to the menu.
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed equipping Camos to incompatible Weapons.
    • Corrected Gunsmith camera position while selecting a Bolt Attachment for the KATT-AMR.
  • Revised several Attachment descriptions to accurately reflect their true effects.
    • Kastovia 343 Barrel
    • HYP-LM Barrel
    • Bryson Inforcer Stock
    • FT Dart CB Stock
    • Demo X50 Tactical Pump Guard
    • 6.8 Wrath Round Nose Ammunition
    • WSP OPTAC Long Barrel
    • HISS Short Light Barrel
    • Recoil Reduction Buttplate Stock
    • Rattleback Deadeye 16″ Barrel
    • Recon Comb
  • Improved intuitiveness of the order in which Weapon Camo Challenges are displayed.


  • Underpass
    • Players can no longer respawn outside of the playable area in Hardpoint.


  • Supe’d Up (Limited-Time Mode)
    • Super Speed visual effects will now end upon death.


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  • Vigilant-30 C-Iron (Optic)
    • Resolved an obstruction of the player’s view while aiming down the hybrid sight.



  • Killcams have been enabled in MWIII Ranked Play.
  • Addressed an issue where some players would enter a match with an invalid loadout when selecting Custom Loadout 1.
    • Note: In order to address this issue, Ranked Play Custom Loadout 1 was reset for all players.



  • Addressed an issue that resulted in screen shaking for all players when a team was engaging Warlord Dokkaebi’s Bomb Drones.


  • Addressed an issue that allowed DMZ Bonus Effects to temporarily display in Modern Warfare Zombies menus.
    • Note: DMZ Bonus Effects are not applicable to Modern Warfare Zombies gameplay.


  • Weekly Challenges
    • Addressed an issue that prevented the Week 8 Challenge: ‘Get 300 Kills with the JAK Thunder LMG Kit equipped to the Sidewinder while Juggernog is Active’ from tracking.
    • Addressed the description for the Week 8 Challenge where players need to kill multiple Warlords with a Recommended Weapon for clarity.
  • Camo Challenges
    • Challenge Group: Kills Without Reloading
      • Addressed an issue that prevented these challenges from tracking.


  • Added various crash and stability fixes.


  • Fixed an issue preventing Players from acquiring the Champion’s Quest Geiger Counter when looting duffel bags.
  • Fixed collision issues that caused Champion’s Quest elements to clip through geography.

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SOURCE: Call of Duty